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Man doing target practice to see how far a bullet can travel.

How Far Can a Bullet Travel?

Most bullets are smaller than your finger, but they all pack a lot of energy; and even if they don’t hit anything, they can still go quite far. Practically, there have been reports of confirmed kills as far as 3540 meters or 3871 yards. When it comes to how far

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Concealed Carry as a Female

There are many ways to carry a firearm, with the ultimate goals being proper concealment, easy accessibility, and safety. For men and women alike, there are methods that work equally well. Some popular ones include the inside the waistband holster, outside the waistband, belt-clip holster, an underarm holster, etc.  When

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3 Steps to Take When Traveling With Your Firearm

After a long year and a half of adapting to the COVID-induced boredom and stir craziness felt across the nation, your family is long overdue for a vacation. So you decide to pack up the wife, kids, the dog, the smelly coolers, and tattered beach towels for a trip to

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Self-Defense for Senior Citizens

The elderly population is far more likely to become a victim or target of a crime or home intrusion. To protect life and property, many choose to keep a firearm in the home in the event of an emergency or break-in. Unfortunately, as we age some of our basic functions

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How to Build a DIY Gunshot Wound Kit

When it comes to firearms training, most people neglect this one vital skill: learning how to treat a gunshot wound. Think about it this way. If you were in a hobby of raising poisonous snakes, it would make sense to know how to deal with a snake bite because not knowing could cost you your life.  If you deal with

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hurricane season sign

How to Help Hurricane Ida Victims

On Sunday, August 29th, the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ida struck the Gulf Coast. The Category 4 storm pummelled the Louisiana coast, knocking down trees and buildings, leaving millions without power, and causing at least two confirmed death in the state. Even now that Ida has been downgraded

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