September 2019

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State-to-State: How to Legally Transport Your Guns

Great NEWS! Travel with your guns, thanks to… US Code 926A: Safe Travels With Your Firearms This is a law that guarantees your right to move your weapons, unloaded, across state lines, provided… that they are under lock and key, away from the driver. By the way, Glove compartment and console don’t count. It

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3D Printed Guns: Fact and Fiction

Gun rights advocates keep hearing the same thing about 3D printed guns. They’re untraceable, undetectable, dangerous, fully-capable weapons that anyone can download from the internet. But whatever the gun control advocates out there will tell you, that’s just… not really what 3D printed guns are. 3D guns are typically not fully plastic. Tired

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SAY WHAT!? Oldest Gun Company in the World

When you go back far enough, history has a tendency to get a little blurry. It’s hard to say who invented the first anything, let alone the first firearm. We can be fairly certain that it was invented in China. Chinese soldiers used spear-firing bamboo-barrel tube-guns around CE 1000. Pinpointing

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BANNED! Combat Veteran Unable to Own Guns

An Iraq war veteran who tried to purchase a rifle recently in New Jersey, discovered that he “cannot” legally own a firearm. 61-year-old, Victor Welshans, was surprised to learn that he’s in the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) system. Why was he so surprised? Well, Welshans has never been

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Legal Requirements for Safe Gun Storage

un storage laws tend to be [kind of] circumstantial. Right now, we tend to store guns however we please. Under the bed, in the nightstand, or just out on the dinner table if we think they…

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