October 2021

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buy a gun in Alabama

Legally Buy a Gun in Alabama: Your Complete Guide

Purchasing a firearm is a popular choice for those wanting to protect their home and family. State laws make it simple to buy a gun in Alabama because no permit or license is required to complete the transaction.  You might request an Alabama Pistol Permit, though, because it allows you

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3 Steps to Take When Traveling With Your Firearm

After a long year and a half of adapting to the COVID-induced boredom and stir craziness felt across the nation, your family is long overdue for a vacation. So you decide to pack up the wife, kids, the dog, the smelly coolers, and tattered beach towels for a trip to

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Own a gun in Colorado

How to Buy a Gun in Colorado

Acquiring a firearm is a critical step to take when the goal is protecting your home and family. It doesn’t take much to buy a gun in Colorado because no permit or registration is necessary before making the purchase, and open carry is legal in much of the state. You

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buy a gun in Oregon

7 Steps to Buy a Gun in Oregon

There are plenty of reasons to buy a gun in Oregon, as owning a firearm ensures you can protect your family in the case of an emergency. Your rights as a gun owner are generally preserved in the state, although there are some regulations you’ll want to learn before buying

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buy a gun in Indiana

Everything to Know About How to Legally Buy a Gun in Indiana

Purchasing a firearm can be an exciting time in your life, but you’ll want to ensure you take the proper steps to complete the transaction safely. This process involves securing the appropriate licensing in some states, although that isn’t necessary in Indiana.  Buying a gun in Indiana is straightforward because

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Self-Defense for Senior Citizens

The elderly population is far more likely to become a victim or target of a crime or home intrusion. To protect life and property, many choose to keep a firearm in the home in the event of an emergency or break-in. Unfortunately, as we age some of our basic functions

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