The 7 Essentials You Need to Have as a Concealed Carrier

Essentials for Concealed Carry Cover

So you’ve found the perfect firearm for your concealed carry needs. And better yet, you’ve signed up for your concealed carry training so you’ll have the skills and confidence to carry safely. However, before you run to the range to practice, there are a few other essentials you may want to consider investing in.

At the end of the day, the best concealed carry gear for beginners will come down to what works best for you and what makes you feel the most confident as a carrier. But we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite basics to help get you started!


Essentials for Concealed Carry - Holster

When it comes to carrying daily, your choice of holster is almost as important as what it’s holding. One of our top choices for holsters is this Toro Leather Holster from MCG Tactical. We like it due to its comfortability and versatility.

Not only is the Toro made from durable bullhide leather, but its design allows for both easy draw in an emergency and complete security when your firearm is not in use. Furthermore, the Toro fits virtually any full size, mid-size, or compact semi automatic handgun, provided that it has a barrel length of between 2.75 and 4.25 inches.

Ear Protection

Essentials for Concealed Carry - Ear Protection

A person’s hearing can be damaged by prolonged exposure to sounds over 85 decibels (dB). Many firearms give off sounds between 140-175dB, making ear protection absolutely essential for any gun owner.

If you want ear protection that won’t reduce your situational awareness, consider the Sonar UltraEars. The UltraEars aren’t your grandfather’s earmuffs. They’re designed with noise-canceling technology to block out harmful sounds like muzzle blasts while actually amplifying the sounds you need to hear, such as instructions from a range officer or a deer in the bushes.

As if that wasn’t enough, these earmuffs are customizable. As the wearer, you have the power to adjust the volume controls, allowing you to maximize your protection while also maintaining that crucial situational awareness.

Practice Targets

Essentials for Concealed Carry - Practice Targets

Picture this: you’re all set to practice, but what are you going to practice shooting at?

That’s where these Impact Blast Targets come in. They have a bright yellow background with reactive Impact Blast color technology that will allow you to better see the spot where you’ve hit the target, even from a distance. The peel and stick adhesive on these targets also allows you to use them anywhere – indoor ranges, outdoor ranges, or even your own makeshift range if you have a safe space to set one up.

But one of the best parts of these targets is the durability. Each target can withstand over 100 rounds of abuse, saving you both time and money that you can invest in additional training.

Off-Body Storage

Essentials for Concealed Carry - Off-body storage

While we typically recommend carrying your firearm on your person, there may be times when you need to store it close by but not necessarily on-body. In this situation, what do you do?

Enter the MCG Tactical’s Rapid Access Magnet, or RAM. The RAM is built with two powerful rare earth neodymium magnets, giving it unbeatable grip to secure your firearm with confidence, whether it’s in your vehicle, under a desk, or inside your gun safe.

Simply identify the areas in your house or vehicle that could be key areas where firearm access is needed in an emergency, then discreetly mount your RAM. After that you are all set to conceal your firearm with the RAM’s extra-strength magnets. Noise dampening foam will provide you with the ability to rack your slide quietly, and the simple design of the RAM means it’s compatible with rail-mounted accessories, such as laser sights, weapon lights, and more.

Laser Sight

Essentials for Concealed Carry - Laser Sight

That’s right, laser sights aren’t just for SWAT teams or Special Forces anymore. This technology is really helping to develop the speed and accuracy of shooters across the country, and the Predator Tactical Red Laser is the most trusted name in laser sights.

The Predator system offers compatibility with carbines, rifles, bullpups, shotguns, and 98% of all full and mid-size handguns from manufacturers, making it an incredibly diverse addition to any firearm. Simply slide the laser to the desired spot on your firearm’s accessory rail and tighten the crossbolt to secure it. After that, you’re free to follow that red dot and hit target after target.

Gun Cleaning Kit

Essentials for Concealed Carry - Gun Cleaning Kit

Regardless of what kind of firearm you have, it’s extremely important to keep it clean. Dirty guns are more likely to be less effective or even malfunctioning guns. It’s as simple as that. Luckily we’ve got exactly what you need – this Concealed Coalition Gun Cleaning Kit.

Our gun cleaning kit is universal. Whether your firearm of choice is a 1911, striker-fire, or revolver, you’ll be able to use the tools included here. It also comes in a zippered, padded case, and its compact design makes it easy to tote it to and from the range.

Tactical Bag

Essentials for Concealed Carry - Tactical Bag

You might be reading through all of these items thinking, “Great, now where do I store them?” Never fear, the Tactical StealthOp Sling Bag has got you covered! Easily carry all your gear to and from the range in this backpack that boasts military-grade durability.

The large capacity and water resistant nylon fabric makes it ideal for not only a day at the range, but for a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, climbing, fishing, biking, or running. Be a guardian always and a warrior when needed with the backpack that will prepare you for adventure – or emergency.

Got the gear you need but not the training? Find a Concealed Coalition class near you today and get started on the path to your concealed carry permit!

This post about our picks for the best concealed carry gear for beginners contains several affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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