Buying a Gun in Georgia: A Step-By-Step Guide

Buying a Gun in Georgia

Learning about the steps for buying a gun in Georgia is important because you don’t want to break any laws or end up leaving the shop empty-handed. The good news is that the process is relatively simple in the state, because there isn’t much government oversight or licensing required. Most restrictions on gun buying are due to the National Firearms Act (NFA), which states you must legally transfer long guns into the buyer’s name and register machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, and silencers.

There are no waiting periods to buy guns in Georgia, either, and you don’t have to register any other type of firearm. You also don’t need a license unless you plan to remove the weapon from your home, car, boat, or place of business.

Following the laws and procedures that exist can prevent issues as you attempt to buy a gun, however. This guide will walk you through the steps you’ll need to take before purchasing a firearm in the state of Georgia.

3 Things You’ll Need to Purchase a Gun in Georgia

The minimal gun laws in Georgia don’t mean there aren’t a few hoops to jump through for gun buyers. You’ll want to ensure you have everything required before entering your chosen gun shop to avoid disappointment. Being aware of situations where you’ll need documentation makes it less likely that you’ll make a mistake.

1. Method of Payment

It seems like a no-brainer, but the only thing many gun buyers in Georgia need is a method of payment. You can pay using a credit card, cash, or check, depending on the vendor. Keep in mind that many private sellers might prefer cash.

2. Government ID

You’ll only need to bring government identification with a picture when buying a long gun in the state of Georgia. The reason is that selling these guns to out-of-state buyers is prohibited, so the seller must check to ensure you’re a Georgia resident. The state requires no registration beyond the ID check.

3. Background Check

Gun buyers in Georgia who purchase from a licensed dealer will have to undergo a background check before finalizing the deal. This typically goes pretty quickly and flags buyers who have felonies, domestic violence charges, or rehab stays on their records. These checks are also a method of identifying potential buyers in the country illegally.

You could theoretically show up at a seller’s location with nothing but cash and walk away with a gun in Georgia. There are some other steps to consider, though, before beginning the gun-buying process.

6 Steps to Buying a Firearm in Georgia

It’s a good idea to learn the exact steps you’ll have to take before buying a gun in Georgia because much of it depends on the type of gun you’re buying and what you plan on doing with it. The reason is that concealed carry permits are necessary if the weapon will be out in public at any time.

1. Identify the Type of Gun You Want

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out what type of gun you want to buy. This step is crucial because you could need photo identification or national registration before purchasing certain types of firearms. Identifying the exact gun you want makes the next steps far more straightforward.

2. Determine a Budget

Coming up with a budget is also an excellent step to take, because it helps you define some search parameters. Predetermining how much money you’re willing to spend can avoid indecision along the way.

3. Apply For a Weapons Carry License

You don’t need a license to buy a gun in Georgia, but you do need a Weapons Carry License (WCL) if you plan to have the firearm outside of your home, office, or vehicle. Applying for this license involves going to your county probate court, paying the fee, and filling out an application. It’s a good idea to go through this process before purchasing because you can skip the background check with a WCL.

4. Take a Conceal Carry Course

Concealed carry course training

Another method of receiving a Weapons Carry License is by taking a concealed carry course that includes one after passing. These courses often provide a multistate license upon completion that can eliminate the need to head to the county court to fill out the paperwork. 

5. Locate a Seller

You’re now ready to begin looking for someone selling the gun you want to buy. Consider private sellers and licensed vendors, while keeping in mind that background checks aren’t necessary for private sales. Private sellers will have to check your ID if you’re buying a long gun, though.

6. Make Your Purchase

It’s now time to buy your gun. You can drive to your desired seller’s location and make the purchase without any trouble, as long as you have the required documentation. 

Buying a gun in Georgia isn’t overly challenging, but you’ll still want to ensure you do things the right way. Securing all the licensing required to carry your firearm away from your home before making the purchase can keep you out of unnecessary trouble down the road.

Getting Your Concealed Carry Permit

There’s no secret regarding buying a gun in Georgia, as the process is straightforward due to the state’s relaxed firearm laws. You can make it even easier, though, by taking a quick class and obtaining a multi-state concealed carry license from a state-approved trainer. The permit will allow you to legally carry your gun in 33 other states, helping you stay safe while on the road.
Concealed Coalition offers local and online concealed carry classes and certification in many U.S. locations. Our team of experienced trainers will help you acquire a concealed carry permit that’s valid in your state. Take a minute to contact Concealed Coalition today to discuss your concealed carry permit educational needs in Georgia.

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