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Understanding the Three Basic Holster Types

Are you trying to choose a holster type for your concealed-carry handgun? Take a look at the three common types to see which one may be right for you. Waistband Holster The waistband holster is likely the most common of all concealed-carry holster types. With a waistband holster, you have

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1911 Pistol with .45 ACP Ammo

Are 1911 Pistols Too Large for Concealed Carry?

1911-style pistols, commonly called a “1911,” is one of the most popular types of handguns in the world. Usually loaded with the powerful and heavy .45 ACP cartridge, this handgun was created as a military sidearm (released as the M1911) but is now used for private target practice and personal

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Pistol or Revolver for Concealed Carry?

It’s perhaps the most debated issue in firearms: revolver verse pistol for concealed carry. Should you carry a “wheel gun” or a semiautomatic pistol with a magazine in the handle? There really is no wrong answer, and plenty of smart, experienced, and informed gun experts will completely disagree on the

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Gun Safes: A Essential Part of Owning a Firearm

Owning a safe and storing your weapons in a secure location is one of the pillars of firearms safety. Have you invested the time and money required for safe storage? What is Your Living Situation? If you have children in the home, owning a safe is an absolute must. This

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Essential Tips for Choosing a Concealed-Carry Holster

You likely spent weeks, months, or even years selecting the right handgun for your concealed-carry needs. You’ve tried various cartridges, considered the differences between revolvers and pistols, and meticulously reviewed the top handgun manufacturers. So why would you choose the first holster available? If you are going to conceal-carry a

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Top Firearms Brands for Concealed Carry

With so many options, choosing the right handgun for your specific needs can be difficult. However, if you start your search with these brands, you’ll likely find the perfect weapon for a comfortable carry while maintaining safety, accuracy, and reliability. Glock Glock is one of the most trusted names in

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