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Diverse group that makes up the Concealed Coalition

What is the Concealed Coalition Membership?

Over the past five years, Concealed Coalition has solidified its spot as an industry-leading provider of concealed carry training and certification. Week after week our elite network of trainers meet with law-abiding Americans who seek to exercise their right to carry a firearm and protect what matters most. When students

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Black History Month pioneers in defensive living

Black History Month: Honoring Pioneers in Defensive Living

February is Black History Month, a time set apart to honor and recognize the many incredible contributions of Black Americans who paved the way for a better today. In the firearms space, many notable historic Black Americans stand out: Harriet Tubman, abolitionist and political activist who was known as the

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Tinnitus and hearing loss related to firearms

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Related to Firearms

Hearing is one of your five basic senses. You may not think about it much, but hearing is actually a complex process.  First, sound waves enter your ear and travel down the ear canal to your eardrum. Then the eardrum vibrates several small bones in your ear, and these vibrations

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Victim of human trafficking

Human Trafficking: What It Is and How to Spot It

For weeks we’ve waited for updates on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial regarding her involvement in one of the most notorious sex trafficking cases in the United States. Jeffrey Epstein brought to light an issue that has lived within the shadows for far too long. However, sex trafficking is not always

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Benefits of Exercise on Concealed Carry

The Benefits of Exercise on Concealed Carry

Exercise can have a very positive impact on our lives: it improves our physical strength, dexterity, agility, and reaction times, which are integral for a lifestyle centered around defensive living. Physical fitness also develops confidence, discipline, and a stronger mindset. So, the right kind of exercise can have a very

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New Year's Resolutions for defensive living

New Year’s Resolutions for Defensive Living

The new year brings a lot of possibilities with it. It’s your opportunity to not only reflect upon the last 12 months, but to create goals and set intentions for the year ahead. When it comes to crafting New Year’s resolutions for the coming year, self-defense and defensive living don’t

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