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Creating a Powerful 72 Hour Kit for Emergency Preparedness

All across this nation people are taking notice to what is happening. They are paying closer attention to things like natural disasters, gun laws and of course crime. The 72 hour kit or survival kit got in the door on the backs of preppers and survivalists. They came in on

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Take a Quick Preparedness Assessment

Today we brought you a preparedness assessment. This is from a website called the and will offer you some insight on your own preparedness plans and where you fall on the spectrum. If we are not measuring ourselves than we cannot be sure of where we fall on the

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Survival Gloves to Protect Your Hands

Survival Gloves to Protect Your Hands Your hands are everything. In fact, the human hand and the mind is the combination that has seated us high atop the food chain. I guess its arguable that civilization has a lot to do with it as well. Still, the idea of survival

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Foraging for Food in the Wild

Foraging for Food in the Wild For most people, the idea of food from the wild comes down to hunting or fishing. These are two methods that will get you food from the wild. Still, there is another world out there, if you take the time to learn about it.

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Tips for Traveling Prepared

Take a vacation! Life is hard and it takes some relaxing time. It takes a little break from time to time. Not to mention, when you take a break you often hit life even harder upon your return. So, after my short philosophical rant on vacations and their importance I

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Supply Run Bag

We got a lot of bags. There is no getting around it. If you are into prepping or any form of disaster survival you know we got bags. It could be that we simply enjoy an excellent quality made bag and are simply looking for more ways to put them

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