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It’s not something we like to think about, or are even comfortable talking about — but what if we aren’t prepared to protect what matters most in an emergency or crisis? It’s easy to think, “well, that would never happen to me”, or “the odds of that happening are so slim, I’ll take my chances”. Thats what we all think… until it happens.When it comes down to it, safety is not a simple concept. 

While owning a firearm and knowing how to use that firearm area core branch of safety, adopting a lifestyle of defensive living is far more complex. Do you know how to practice situational awareness? Are you prepared to deescalate a situation to avoid having to use a firearm? Do you know how to use pepper spray or less lethal tools? Do you have a family safety plan? Are you prepared for the criminal, civil, mental and social repercussions after using your firearm in a use-of-force situation? As a responsible gun owner, these are questions you need to know the answer to. 

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