Creating a Powerful 72 Hour Kit for Emergency Preparedness

All across this nation people are taking notice to what is happening. They are paying closer attention to things like natural disasters, gun laws and of course crime. The 72 hour kit or survival kit got in the door on the backs of preppers and survivalists. They came in on the fringe, they brought a bunch of information and then took all the heat that followed. The truth is there kits can be incredibly useful and it is my opinion that all Americans should be able to survive in their homes, well protected, fed and sheltered for 72 hours.

There are a few things to consider when you are building that 72 hour kit and we are going to cover them in this entry.


Whether you decide to go with an alternate cooking method or simply store enough ready to eat food on hand for three days, you will need food. It is my opinion that you should have, at least, a jet boil stove so you can boil water and eat on some Mountain House meals. While ready to eat foods are ok, there is something about a warm meal.


You are going to need at least 1.5 gallons of water per person/per day in your home. Most survival blogs will tell you to store one gallon of water per day but I want to be sure you have water for cleaning yourself and other things in the home if need be. Also, what happens when your kids or your dog knocks a whole gallon over? You can buy water through traditional means or you can invest in things like water bricks, packets or they even sell canned water!


While you will likely not be building a shelter you may need to fortify your own. Having things like tarp, lumber and nails on hand can make a huge difference in how you fair over those 72 hours.


One of the best investments you can make is in a generator that can power your fridge and some lights in the home. Just having enough power to keep your fridge going gives you all kinds of options. Not too mention the option of lights without batteries. If you are looking for something to pack be sure you have CHARGED UP USB power packs.

First Aid

Get a kit and fill it with the things you need! Don’t buy a cheap first aid kit.


An emergency radio is something you have to include in your kit. They make great modes that are solar and hand crank powered


You gotta have something to do. Don’t sit around and stare at each other during a time when the lights are out. Put some board games in the kit that are just for lights out and disaster.


Also be sure you have enough of your medications. They should always be part of your 72 hour kit.

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