Is Cryptocurrency Changing the Game for Preppers?


     With awareness on the rise Cryptocurrency is shaping up to be the currency of the future for many who don’t believe in big government. The question remains how will the prepper community digest the idea of an online currency?

Preppers are people who believe a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future, so naturally, one has to analyze this issue through various negative hypotheticals in order to truly understand whether cryptocurrency is a dream or a nightmare for a prepper.

Perhaps the most obvious issue for preppers is the fact a cryptocurrency that it is not tangible. This poses a huge issue because it makes you depend on several fragile factors. All you would need is a major power or internet outage for your money to virtually disappear!

Another major concern for the prepper community is government hands on their hard earned money during a major event. Now, because there is a finite number of cryptocurrency, a government cannot make more of itGovernments can shut down exchanges or isolate internet traffic when and where they choose.

That said, if a government suddenly experienced an enormous disruption to its socio-economic status, cryptocurrencies would flourish! Additionally, funds cannot be hacked due to the blockchain’s transactions being practically untraceable so preppers can rest assured their money is safe and secure from thieves during a disaster.

Preparedness is about being ready for anything. If the whole nation embraces a new kind of currency, your paper money may become absolutely worthless, with little advisory regarding the impending change.

Although preppers should keep an eye on this trending topic, there are just too many downsides for it to change the prepping game!

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