Concealed Coalition Family, Let's Pull Together to Make a Difference in Afghanistan

Over the past couple weeks, Americans have watched in horror as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

Many of us have stood speechless in front of our televisions as we watch innocent people cling to the sides of US military planes in desperate attempts for escape, parents passing their babies over barbed wire fences in hopes that their child will survive, and brutal and heinous treatment of Afghan women.

For 20 years, the Afghan people have put their lives on the line to defend their country and help the US military. Now with the Taliban in Kabul, those same people are being hunted and killed in the streets for their support of US troops.

As a community dedicated to protecting what matters most, we feel compelled to help the Afghan people who stood by our side for the past two decades.

Here's How You Can Help the Afghan People NOW

Concealed Coalition has teamed up with The Heroes Journey and No One Left Behind, two 501(c)3s helping to get Afghan citizens who fought alongside the U.S. Forces out of that country now before they are hunted down and killed. Time is of the essence.

Here’s the immediate action plan of these organizations:

  1. Identify Afghans in trouble through a Special Operations network
  2. Move them through the chaos of the city to the airfield
  3. Coordinate flights to help them get home

No One Left Behind, supported in part by The Heroes Journey, is already moving Afghans out of the country, so we know it can be done. It costs roughly $2,100 to remove one person of Afghanistan out of Kabul right now. Concealed Coalition family, let’s give back and help the people of Afghanistan protect what matters most during this turbulent time. No matter how large or small, your donation is deeply appreciated.

Statement from Concealed Coalition to America's Veterans

We are a community of proud Americans dedicated to making our nation a safer place, and protecting what matters most. Our identity as a company is deeply rooted in empowering law abiding citizens to take safety into their own hands, become their own first responders, and protect those who cannot protect themselves. As we watch the events unfold in Afghanistan, our hearts are heavy.

Many of the members of our community are first responders and veterans who have routinely put their lives in harms way to protect the lives of others. To America’s Veterans, words can never express our gratitude for your service and sacrifice for not only the United States, but the human race. Since that heinous day on September 11, 2001, you have bravely and selflessly fought to keep both Americans, and innocent people of all race, colors, creeds and religions safe from the terrors of this world.

We understand that this past week’s events present a whirlwind of emotions and heartbreak. As we welcome many of our servicemen and women home, we urge any veteran struggling with these recent events to reach out to the VA’s crisis line at 
1-800-273-8255 (press 1) or text 838255.

On behalf of the whole Concealed Coalition family, we thank you and salute you for 20 years of selfless service in Afghanistan.

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