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Gun jams happen! Concealed carry holders should spend time working through jams at the range.  Repeated practice dealing with gun jams, or mechanical failure, creates the muscle memory needed to rely on if this situation occurs in a real life scenario.  Having a backup magazine is crucial if this situation arises.  There are several different options for magazine holders.  Below are the three most popular types of concealed magazine holders.  Like most firearm accessories, each specific shooter has a style that they either prefer or are more comfortable with for specific reasons. Whether you are considering carrying an extra magazine as more rounds for a single stack pistol or in case of a jam, gun owners have several options.  Deciding to carry an extra magazine, choosing the style of holder that fits your specific needs, and spending time at the range practicing changing magazines could be the difference between life and death in a real-life situation.

Belly Band
Belly band holders are elastic bands that wrap around the midsection of the body and are usually fastened with Velcro.  Some models have spaces for an extra magazine.  Belly bands minimize printing (showing the firearm bulging through your clothes) because the band is worn underneath clothing near the waistband; however, this may not be an option for certain body types as some users report that the bands tend to bulge around the mid-section and can cause printing issues.

Inside the Waistband
Similar to the actual pistol holsters, these magazine holders have either a paddle or clip that attaches directly onto the waistband of the concealed carry holder’s pants.  These come in several different materials and styles.  Some brands offer kydex holders that are ridged and the magazine is held tight by the holder.  Other material options include leather and neoprene that are fit snugly to hold the magazine firmly in place. The downside of some materials used is that their tightness can be effected after a period of time.  An additional consideration with inside the waistband holders is adding another item to the waistband that requires concealment.

Clip or Snap-On
These devices clip directly to the magazine itself.  Some use magnets to do this while others use metal that snaps directly to the magazine. These magazine holders have a small clip that holds the magazine in your pocket.  Most of the clips look similar to clips used for knives or pens in the concealed carry holder’s pocket.  These devices are lightweight and small.  The location of where these are carried may cause concern for some users.  While carrying your extra magazine in your pocket may not be an issue if you to retrieve it while standing, this placement could limit accessibility if you are in a seated position or are knocked to the ground.

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