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Keith Domke - North Dakota Trainer

Keith Domke is the North Dakota Firearms Instructor for Concealed Coalition. Since 2014, he has been teaching the ND Concealed Weapons License course. He has certifications with NRA as a Chief Range Safety Officer, Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home instructor. Additionally, Keith has over 30 years of experience being an ND Hunter Education Instructor. When not instructing, he enjoys shooting in USPSA, IDPA and 3-gun matches for recreational purposes. He is also an avid reloader.

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Other Classes We Offer

After you have been forced to draw your firearm in self-defense, there are 5 essential skills you must master how to handle the aftermath properly. In this course, Concealed Coalition Master Trainer Austin Davis walks you through various scenes and scenarios where you may be forced to act in self-defense. You will learn when and where you are legally allowed to draw your firearm in self-defense, scene safety, what to say in a 911 call, your options for legal representation, and how interact with law enforcement.

The skillset required to responsbilty carry a firearm stretches far beyond the constraints of a gun range. Those who choose to carry concealed or even own a firearm should have a deep understanding of the psychology and behaviors associated with potential threats. Is the threat minimal or deadly? Are they thinking rationally or irrationally? Do they respond to verbal commands? Before ever holstering a firearm to carry in public, one should be equipped with the skill of de-escalation and verbal commands.

Concealed Coalition’s main goal is to help people like you protect what matters most. That being said, deadly force should only be used when necessary. In this course, Concealed Coalition Master Trainer Austin Davis provides an in-depth training for the use of the less lethal option of force: pepper spray (OC). Most altercations do not require deadly force. As a community dedicated to safety, we must stay diligent in preparing for anything, including the user of less lethal options of force.

One skill essential for everyone, regardless of whether they choose to carry or own a firearm, is situational awareness. We teach our kids not to talk to strangers, don’t go to bad places with bad people, but the active practice of situational awareness dives much deeper into the human psyche. In this course, Concealed Coalition Master Trainer Austin David outlines the skills required to master situational awareness, the dangers of normalcy bias, and how to put the concept into action to practically practice these skills in everyday life.

We’ve all seen it. The videos of someone doing something reckless on a range that could have resulted in severe injury or death. While it is certainly embarassing to be “that guy” or “that girl” on the range, the severity of the situation is far more concerning. In this course, Concealed Coalition Master Trainer Austin David dives into the topic of range safety, and how our actions as range goers can go from harmless to deadly if we do not actively practice proper range etiquette.

It is our hope that you never find yourself in a situation where you must tactfully navigate an ongoing emergency to prevent yourself or others from being harmed. That said, we stand firm in the belief of “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. In this course, Concealed Coalition Master Trainer Austin Davis breaks down the differences between cover, concealment, and safer angles and best practices will facing a threat.

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