Everything You Need to Know About Concealed Coalition Classes & Policies and Concealed Carry Permit Requirements & Laws

As the first true firearms company to offer state approved concealed carry training in all 50 states, Concealed Coalition provides concealed carry permit training and certification to help law abiding citizens take the first step in securing a concealed carry permit in their state.

Concealed Coalition does not issue the permit itself, as that would be illegal. However, Concealed Coalition is committed to walking hand in hand with each student to assist them in navigating the intricacies of the concealed carry permit process in their state.

Want to know more? Check out our guide to apply for a concealed to carry permit. 

Concealed Coalition provides an unparalleled training experience to meet the concealed carry permit training requirements in each state. Whether your state requires in-person training, online training, or a mix of both, Concealed Coalition has masterfully curated a top-tier educational experience to not only meet, but exceed state standards.

Curriculum covers all angles of firearm safety, gun laws by state, situational awareness, child access prevention, and a measured response to danger to fuse education and application for a training experience that yields the highest level of retention.

Once you complete your Concealed Coalition training course, and live-fire (if required), you will receive your official Concealed Coalition Certification letter required by law to apply for a concealed carry permit in your state.

At Concealed Coalition we understand that life happens all around us, all the time and many times is out of our control. For our in-person trainings we will do our best to accommodate you by rescheduling your training. Unfortunately, due to high demand, preparation costs and limited seating, if you call to reschedule between 24 – 72 hours before the day of your class, you will be charged a $35 rescheduling fee. However, if you do not notify us prior to 24 hours, do not show up or miss your elected class, it is not refundable, and you will have to pay full price to attend the class.

Due to COVID restrictions, class availability is limited as we work within the guidelines of the law. We appreciate your patience. We are working diligently to open as many classes as possible.

For online trainings the course you purchased is an online course and is delivered upon purchase. Due to the fact that you will have already received our education via our online portal, we will be unable to refund you the cost of the class training. All other refunds are on a case by case basis.

Our state-certified trainers hold multiple certifications along with years of practical handgun experience. The course we offer in-person is comprised of nationally recognized course training materials implemented in all 50 states. We assure you with the satisfaction guarantee that our in-person and live-fire training is not only valid but exceeds the minimum requirements for handgun safety training as outlined in the concealed carry permit requirements.

For more information about our trainer and the curriculum click the link below.

At Concealed Coalition we understand that there have been many organizations who have tried to circumvent processes and offer illegitimate training courses. While we understand your concern due to these types of organizations that tarnish the industry, Concealed Coalition is 100% legitimate, offering legally compliant training in all 50 states.

Any law abiding citizen who is of age to carry a firearm in their state is a perfect candidate for a Concealed Coalition class. We see students of all ages, demographics, experience levels, and genders seek out concealed carry permit training to help them feel confident in protecting what matters most.

Age requirements and training requirements vary from state to state. To learn more about gun laws, CCW requirements, and restrictions in your state, please visit

Yes! You are required to abide by BOTH state and federal law when it comes to carrying a firearm, whether open or concealed.

Please refer to your state laws for an in depth breakdown or if you are unsure about where you can carry.

If you live in a state that requires a live-fire proficiency test, our elite team of Concealed Coalition trainers are honored to help you throughout that process. Once you schedule your in-person training, our system will prompt you to schedule your live-fire training as well.

While you may not need a permit to carry within your state, you will be required to obtain a concealed carry permit should you choose to travel with your firearm. Due to reciprocity agreements, should you choose to obtain a CCW permit in your state, that permit would be valid in various other states to allow you to carry legally across state lines.

Additionally, Concealed Coalition courses offer a comprehensive overview into overlooked subject matter in traditional firearms classes. Curriculum dives into gun laws by state, how to interact with law enforcement, legal representation should you find yourself in a self defense legal battle, child access prevention, and much more.

We understand that each state has their own terminology for a concealed carry permit. While we would like to advertise each state’s specific terminology, there are limitations on what terminology we can use when advertising. For that reason, we use the uniform “concealed carry permit.”

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All students who successfully complete their Concealed Carry Certification with us will be provided with a certificate to show the achievement that they have made. Not only does this demonstrate your firearms knowledge and ability, but it is also very useful to have for your personal records. Your certificate(s) signify that you have completed the proper training and level of skill needed to apply for your Concealed Carry Permit in your county, parish, or state.

Your Concealed Coalition certificate is good for one year from the date of completion.

Your certificate is an official document and should be treated as such. This certificate must include your LEGAL NAME. If your certificate is lost, damaged, misplaced, and/or corrections or edits need to be made to your certificate, you will incur a Service Charge.

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