How Much Does NRA Basic Pistol Class Cost?

At Conceal Coalition, we strongly believe in the rights of citizens to carry the appropriate weapons needed to defend themselves. We also believe that everyone who carries, regardless of the law, should have extensive education and experience. Whether or not that training should be a mandatory requirement is another matter, but having a proficient understanding of your weapons is crucial, and one of the best ways to stay knowledgable and proficient is through the NRA Basic Pistol class.

While the class is not free, it’s certainly not expensive.

Typical Cost for the Class: $75

While the cost of the class will depend on the facility and the area where you are taking the course, you will find most classes are priced around $75.00. Typically, this includes a full day of courses and training, including classroom instruction and range training. These classes are taught by certified NRA instructors, making the course reliable and safe.

There are also online concealed-carry classes, which usually cost about $60. However, these do not include live-fire training (obviously), so whether or not they are an appropriate choice is debatable. At the very least, online course are a good addition to a complete regimen of firearms education. 

Investing in a Handgun? Then Invest in Yourself

If you’re going to invest hundreds of dollars into a handgun for your personal protection, you might as well make an investment in yourself as well. Having proper training and education, of which the NRA Basic Pistol class is only the start, is an important part of being a safe, responsible, and effective gun owner.

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