What to Do If You Hear a Noise in Your Home

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Hey Concealed Coalition family, here’s a quick tip that did not make it in the Concealed Coalition University episode for Home Defense:

Imagine you’re in a situation where you have a noise in another part of your house. Maybe it’s in a low light situation or in a daylight situation. You’re hunkered down and you don’t want to go try to find that threat – you want that threat to come to you.

How do you find out if that noise in your home is benevolent or malevolent?

You shout out a simple command:

“State your name!”

Think about this for a second. If it’s a family member or friend, the response will be an effortless, “I’m Bill.” “I’m Mary.” “I’m Don.”

What to do if you hear a noise in your home

If it’s somebody who’s a stranger, they’ll have to think very fast (and with a part of the brain that’s probably not working in a high stress situation) to come up with a name. That simple “State your name” will give you the information you need about the threat – whether to hunker down even more or to start to progressively deescalate the situation and disarm and gain control.

So that is one important home defense tip for whenever you hear an unsettling noise in your home. As I already said, it didn’t make it into our episode on Home Defense, but I hope you go to Concealed Coalition University and catch that episode.

If you don’t have a Concealed Coalition University membership yet, you don’t want to wait any longer on getting into this platform. Text “I want CCU” to my cell at (713) 528-8411 and I’ll connect you with our customer support team to become a member and gain access to the dozens of high quality video episodes on all things defensive living.

Michael, who’s a CCU member, recently texted me this about the video content in CCU:

“I feel the training is above and beyond what any citizen would expect. Your training teaches a novice the danger of firearms and the hard-hard-legal responsibilities that go with it. I’ve also learned about all the options available for home & self defense. My wife and I carry pepper spray, we have tactical flashlights, walking sticks and an alarm on our home. I plan enrollment in CPR this July. Also, your training has taught me to be a better man and new found respect for law enforcement.”

If that’s not enough to pique your interest in Concealed Coalition University, I don’t know what will! Text “I want CCU” to me at (713) 528-8411 today.

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