Online Concealed-Carry Classes: Are They The Right Choice?

How to Get Permit with Online Classes

According to multiple sources (see below), the only way to currently obtain your concealed-carry permit with online classes it through a license with the state of Virginia. Virginia will issue a permit with 100%-online courses. But you don’t necessarily have to live in Virginia to take advantage of this option. It is possible to get a non-resident Virginia concealed-carry permit and legally carry in the 28 states that recognize Virginia’s licensing.

What Does a Concealed-Carry Course Look Like?

Taking a concealed-carry course online is usually a simple and affordable way to become better educated in handguns and concealed carry issues. It will cover firearms safety, training and practice, gun laws, resources, and more. Depending on the course, it usually takes about two hours to complete.

Most will have different sections where you watch a video lesson then take a short quiz. After completion, you can print out the certificate and apply for a Virginia resident or non-resident license. Simply fill out the application and mail it along with the certificate of completion.

Regardless of Law, In-Person Training is Important

Many concealed-carry proponents argue that requiring training in order to exercise a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution is an infringement. After all, they might argue, we are not required to complete training to vote, voice opinions, or practice religion as we see fit, which are all guaranteed rights.

Regardless of the law, however, in-person handgun training and education remains crucial for proper use of a firearm. Virtually everyone agrees that people who own and carry firearms should have as much education, practice, and training as possible. So while it may be possible to complete training online, it may not be appropriate.

By maintaining a thorough knowledge and proficiency with your weapon, which can only be achieve with in-person training, you’ll be a safer handgun owner and a better representative for concealed-carry rights.

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