Pepper Spray: Walking the Line Between Pistol and Profanity

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But is there more to pepper spray than just “spray and pray”?

All it takes is one look at current headlines to see how crazy our world is – balloons shot out of the sky, disasters left and right, and violence is reaching an all-time high in many areas of the country.

So what happens if we’re faced with a threat in this crazy world we’re living in? Step one if the situation permits is deescalate – but what if that doesn’t work? Do we automatically get the right to use force? How much force?

90% of the time our firearm is 100% the wrong tool.

So what do we do?

Between profanity and a pistol is a wonderful tool – pepper spray.

Most of us at one point or another have assumed that pepper spray is as simple as point – spray – and pray. However, Concealed Coalition National Training Director Austin Davis recently dropped some live-saving advice we bet you didn’t know….

During this 30-minute training, Austin broke down everything you need to know about pepper spray, including:

  • Use of force with pepper spray
  • What to look for when buying pepper spray – NOT ALL PEPPER SPRAY IS CREATED EQUAL
  • Why it is important to train with pepper spray
  • The difference in delivery patterns
  • Why it is important to understand how to decontaminate yourself should you get sprayed and much more.

The 30-minute training even included a Q&A portion with questions sent in from Concealed Coalition University Members, so you might learn some bonus information about pepper spray that you’ve never even thought of!

You can watch the full webinar here, or by clicking on the video above.

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