The Protector’s Playbook: Situational Awareness


Introducing “The Protector’s Playbook for Situational Awareness” by Concealed Coalition’s National Training Director Austin Davis. Austin has over 30 years of professional self-defense training in the personal, corporate, and law enforcement arenas. As a trusted authority in the field, his insights are grounded in real-world scenarios and backed by his professional training. His passion for educating others shines through in his clear and concise writing style, making complex concepts accessible to readers of all backgrounds. This paperback book, as part of a larger series, condenses Austin’s vast knowledge and expertise into 107 pages of invaluable advice, strategies, and practical tips for staying situationally aware, no matter where you are.


  • The Benefits of a Formal Approach to Situational Awareness
  • The Risks of Hyper-Awareness
  • A Science-Based Mindset for Situational Awareness
  • Environmental and Psychological Conditions That Affect Situational Awareness
  • The Dangers of Normalcy Bias
  • Why Both Emphatic and Subtle Signals Are Important
  • When to Trust Your Gut
  • Good People, Bad People, and Unknown People
  • Why Whole Body, Hands, and Waistline – Not Just Hands; Body Language and Micro Expressions – Your Secret Decoder Ring
  • Situational Awareness in 3 Steps
  • The Color Code of Awareness
  • What is a Transitional Space, and Just How Risky is it
  • Recognizing and Responding to Irregular Lines of Movement
  • Situational Awareness with Quadrants of Attention and Gaze Control
  • Science-Based Strategies: Eye Contact with Strangers in Situational Awareness
  • Power of the Tactical Pause
  • Defensive Light Value and Use in Situational Awareness
  • Awareness and Follow-You-Home Crime
  • and more!
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