The Color of Safety

Safety - Know Your Exit

Did you know that states of awareness are often broken into a color code? This helps the public understand where they fall on the rungs of probability for danger and when a reaction is critical. This color-coded method is used by police and other first responders. Study this and get to know how to best implement it into your daily life. This simple awareness could mean the difference between life and death.


Unfortunately, this is the state that most Americans are in. This is an unawareness of your surroundings. Someone operating in the white, they are a great target.

A perfect example: A coffee in one hand, cell phone in the other with your face looking only at the little lit screen.


This is the state that we want everyone to be in. This is a relaxed but aware state. You are present in your own life but also aware of the people and things around you.

Now it’s arguable that there is a state between yellow and orange and I would call that Purple for paranoia. This is when the detection of threats takes priority over living your life. This is a scary situation that some people find themselves in. These are the people who are found saying, “I just stay away from crowds and public places.”

This is not a healthy strategy in my opinion.


When you reach orange, you are detecting a threat. Something is amiss. There is a glitch in the Matrix and you are taking note of it. There is a potential threat.


There is an immediate threat at this point. You have identified a threat that needs avoiding. At this point you must act to avoid the threat.


You could not avoid the threat and you are now fighting for your life. We want to do everything we can to avoid being in the black state.

Have you ever found yourself in a state of danger unprepared. Crime is no joke and it happens all around us everyday. When you are in public, particularly in a crowded place like a concert or a busy city street, being aware and alert is your best defense. Avoiding a potentially bad situation is the only sure way to be truly safe. Take some time and think about your calendar. Are you planning on attending any events in the near future? How secure are the places you spend your time everyday? Asking yourself questions like this leads to forcing yourself to keep safety in mind.