Puttng the Grey Man Concept to Use

The Grey Man concept is nothing new but it is a bit a struggle to put this concept to use. From afar it would seem really cool to be operating covertly in a situation where you are looking to go unnoticed. This can be particularly helpful, as you can imagine, in a urban survival situation. If the area is faced with a serious civil unrest event or something to that affect, you will find that there are a number threats that could be directed at you or your family.

For most Americans the vast amount of their time is spent away from the home. This is why I am a big supporter of creating a well thought out Get Home Bag. You will likely have to get home from work, school or some after work or school activity during a disaster. If this disaster impedes roads than you are going to have to get there on foot. That is the reality.

When you find yourself standing at the exit door of your job and heading out into a hostile environment, it will be in that moment that you realize you need to become a Grey Man.

This is not about having a bunch of grey clothes stored in your bag to change into. What I will say is that this is about not standing out. Having things like a good dark hat, nothing flash, and a hoodie can really turn you into someone that people aren’t paying attention to. Remember, one of the biggest complaints in our society today is income inequality. We have seen mobs come after those who they perceive to be “rich” and that can get really dangerous.

If you find yourself making your way home in a situation like this there are some thing to consider.

  1. Spend some time observing your situation. Look for threats and ways around them
  2. Move with the speed of the crowd or the people on the streets
  3. If you find yourself swallowed up by a crowd do your best to stay near the edges
  4. Work slowly and calmly toward the edges of that crowd and exit when possible
  5. Avoid main roads as they will invite chaos.

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