Concealed Carry Reciprocity Maps

Learn The States That Honor Your State Issued Concealed Carry Permit

Select the states in which you hold one or more permits to learn about your concealed carry reciprocity rights and state gun laws.

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FAQs about CCW Reciprocity Maps

What are concealed carry reciprocity maps?

Concealed carry reciprocity maps, or CCW maps, are interactive tools designed to show you where your state-issued concealed carry permit is recognized and honored. By selecting the states where you hold permits on our concealed carry reciprocity maps, you can easily understand your rights and the specific state gun laws that apply to you.

How do I use a CCW reciprocity map?

Using a CCW reciprocity map is simple. On this page, select the state or states where you have an active concealed carry permit. The map will then update to show which states offer reciprocity for your permit(s), meaning where your permit is accepted and under what conditions.

What does concealed carry reciprocity mean?

Concealed carry reciprocity refers to the agreement between two or more states to recognize each other’s concealed carry permits. This means if your home state’s permit is recognized by another state through reciprocity, you are allowed to carry a concealed weapon according to the host state’s laws.

Why is understanding concealed carry reciprocity important?

Understanding concealed carry reciprocity is crucial for responsibly armed citizens who travel across state lines. Knowing where your permit is valid helps ensure you comply with local laws and avoid unintentional legal issues related to carrying a concealed weapon.

Can concealed carry reciprocity change?

Yes, concealed carry reciprocity agreements can change as new legislation is passed. It’s important to regularly check our concealed carry reciprocity maps for the most current information to stay informed about where your concealed carry permit is recognized.

What should I do if I have licenses in multiple states?

If you have concealed carry licenses in multiple states, use our concealed carry reciprocity maps to select all states where you hold permits. This will provide you with a comprehensive view of where each of your permits is honored, maximizing your carry rights across the country.

How can I expand my reciprocity to carry concealed in more states?

To expand your concealed carry reciprocity opportunities, it’s crucial to research states with extensive reciprocity agreements and consider obtaining non-resident permits, which can significantly increase the number of states where you can legally carry concealed. Staying informed on changes in reciprocity agreements by regularly checking resources like CCW reciprocity maps and meeting all legal requirements for additional permits are essential steps. Expanding reciprocity not only enhances your personal safety while traveling but also necessitates a comprehensive understanding of varying state laws to ensure responsible and legal gun ownership across state lines.

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