State-to-State: How to Legally Transport Your Guns

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US Code 926A: Safe Travels With Your Firearms

This is a law that guarantees your right to move your weapons, unloaded, across state lines, provided… that they are under lock and key, away from the driver. By the way, Glove compartment and console don’t count. It has to be out of the hands of the person who is the driver, in a separate compartment. This is a law worth memorizing, as you might need to cite it in case a rookie law enforcement officer wants to search your things.

If you have a car with a trunk, great, problem solved. Assuming that the trunk can’t be reached from the car’s cabin, you’re in the clear. The wording of the law specifies a “locked container” in instances where the trunk is not separate from the cabin. Investing in a lockbox and keeping it out of reach of the driver’s seat should satisfy the letter of the law.

Not in your State?

Now you might want to skip all of that and just mail your guns to yourself. But, that can be more complicated. Or, going to be a little less complicated, depends on the case. 

Legally Shipping Your Guns

Licensed dealers have a greater range of freedom in sending guns by mail. For the rest of us, we can ship the guns to ourselves! There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Mail to yourself . Whoever you stay with for your next hunting trip, just know that they cannot even hold the package. As a result, ship it to yourself “in care of” your faraway friend, and be there to receive it or pick it up when it arrives.
  2. You can ship a long gun, like a huylenting rifle directly to a friend out of state. To ship a handgun, you’ll need a dealer’s license.
  3. You can ship your firearm to someone who holds an FFL, or dealer’s license. This means that you can have them hold it for you. As a result, this is one reason why it’s always a good idea to get to know your local dealers because you never know when you’ll need to call in a favor.

Stay Positive

Learning all the individual gun laws from state to state is a pain. Fortunately, there are ways to get your firearms across the country. Therefore, as long as you travel safe or know who you’re shipping to, you should be fine.

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