What To Consider When Buying a Handgun

What should I look for when I buy a handgun?

One of the top questions in my over 30 years I get from my students is, “Austin, what should I look for when I buy a handgun?” Well, for me, there are a few things you might want to think about.

Look for a Modern Polymer Handgun

First off, I’m a big fan of any of the modern polymer handguns. I really do believe this is current state of the art. Any of the large manufacturers all make good examples of a polymer framed handgun.

Also, I really think it’s a huge advantage if you have an ability to add on with the factory adjustable things to make the grip bigger or smaller and fit your hand perfectly. Gun fitment is really important.

Look for a Handgun with Three Controls

The next thing is that the gun should have three controls and three controls only. I think you need a trigger to make it go bang. I think you need a slide stop to go ahead and hold the slide back. And I think you need a way to release the magazine.

Any other controls? We need to really think about this.

What do I mean?

Well, many people tell me, “Austin, I need an external safety on my gun.” When I ask them why, I get an answer like this: “Well, I have children and I don’t feel comfortable using the gun without a safety.”

If you are leaving an unsecured firearm around children, or if you’re pulling on the trigger and hoping the mechanical safety will keep from going bang, we don’t have a safety problem, we have a training problem. If you need that control, make sure there’s a good legitimate reason and make sure that if you carry more than one gun, all those controls work in the same way.

Look for a Handgun That Fits Your Life Stage

Not every handgun is suited for every type of person at every stage of life. For example, what’s the best pistol for an older female? It is one that fits her hands, that is in a caliber that’s comfortable, and in which the operation of that pistol doesn’t put any undue stress on some sort of preexisting situation.

You know, as we get up in age, there may be some limitations that come along with it. For some people it may be hand strength; for some people it may be arthritis. But what I want you to think about when it comes time to pick a firearm for you is this: you need a gun that you can shoot comfortably. And when I say shoot comfortably, we also mean operate comfortably.

So you may need to choose a lesser caliber that makes it easier to load the rounds in it. You may find that you may need to go a little smaller in caliber than you would think so that the recoil allows you to structurally hold the pistol in place to get the reliability you need. And you may find out that reducing your caliber size may also help in training because the repetitive bang, bang, bang.

Or you may just be a CrossFit champion and you can shoot whatever you want. The age thing is kind of dependent.

Choosing a handgun is an important decision. These days they’re expensive, so think twice, buy once, and don’t regret. Oh, and don’t forget other concealed carry essentials too.

Send me a text at (713) 528-8411 letting me know what your favorite handgun is and why you prefer it over another. I’m eager to hear your thoughts!

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