9 Women’s Gun Groups: Sparking Fire in 2022

The Best Women's Gun Groups

With almost half of firearm owners in the USA women, it is no surprise at all that women’s gun groups are on the rise. But why has this happened, and in what way are some of the female gun owners out there organizing?

Below, we provide resources to find groups of women who carry or concealed carry in your area. Using this resource, you should be able to find other armed women in your locality who will be able to support you in this hobby, interest, or lifestyle. So read on and learn more about the women leading the charge.

Why Is There a Spike in Women Carrying Guns and Women’s Gun Groups?

The simple fact is that the past five years have pushed a lot of people into exercising their Second Amendment rights. People want security, they like feeling a need to be “part of something”, and using firing ranges is a socially-distanced sport. Because of these reasons, people are shooting more than ever.

There is a higher level of equality in modern life than ten years ago, too. Only five years ago, almost half as many women as men-owned guns. In 2020, though, 3.5 million women bought firearms compared to 4 million men.

This shift shows that women, for many different reasons, want the same level of independence. This is especially true when it comes to protecting themselves.

This safety extends to how women wish to learn how to use firearms and socialize with others who do. Women’s gun groups have thus exploded in popularity across the country.

Resources for Women Who Own Guns

Over the past twenty years, more resources have become available to women gun owners. Books, support networks, and Youtube channels are all able to provide help where it did not exist twenty or thirty years ago.

To help, here are some groups who are making an impact on the world of firearms:

1. The Well Armed Woman

In sharing her own story of standing up against abuse and a violent relationship, Carrie Lightfoot is a gun advocate. She recognized that resources for women were few and far between in what she saw as a male-driven industry. 

Her site provides training from basics and what to buy to detailed information on concealed carry and survival stories. Her firearm group also has women-centered reviews for specific firearms. The intent for these is to help those who feel guns have been made only for men’s bodies without taking into account women’s specific needs.

More information on this group can be found here.

2. A Girl and A Gun

A Girl and A Gun are very outspoken about not only being a women-led operation but in suggesting that they are a diverse operation. They attempt to bring in women from all different demographics, to offer a judgment-free place.

This creates a sense of camaraderie and shared learning, where all members learn more about one another and not only about firearms. They are a women’s shooting league that thrives on recreation and competition, as well as a social venue for its members.

More information on this group can be found here.

3. Diva Women Outdoors Worldwide

The Diva WOW promotes their league as a “safe, fun, and respectful environment”. They hold several training sessions on how to shoot but are not limited to that area of education. Also, they have a strong focus on other outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, and archery.

More information on this group can be found here.

4. ARMED Lady

ARMED lady states that it showed concern after it noticed that many recent purchases of firearms were by first-time female buyers. They aim to promote the responsibility of women to protect their homes. They do this by offering training and instruction in safe and sensible firearm use.

More information on this group can be found here.

5. Shooting Sirens

The Shooting Sirens are a women’s club in Ohio focused on pushing back against the sexism inherent in the firearm hobby. Ohio is a concealed carry state with the ownership of a license. As such, opportunities exist for clubs such as theirs to get CC certificates if people want them.

More information on this group can be found here.

6. Gun Powder Gals

The Gun Powder Pals advertise themselves as being women from all walks of life and different skill levels. They also host events such as sports, shoots, and training. You do not even need a gun, or any experience shooting, to join.

7. NYC Women’s Shooting Sports League

In New York City, there is a league that its creators formed to help women learn and compete in the same way that men already do. Alongside favorable press coverage, they have grown their group over time to bring in women from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Remember that if you want to concealed carry in New York, you will need a permit.

More information on this group can be found here.

8. Blush and Bullets

The Blush and Bullets women’s gun club intends to educate and empower women about how to use firearms in the state of California. At the same time, it aims to protect women by teaching them how to use a gun and what their responsibilities are when owning and using such a weapon.

More information on this group can be found here.

9. Arizona Women’s Shooting Associates

The AWSA focuses on giving women the agency and training to go forward and train other women in the use of firearms. They are diverse in their disciplines and have sport shooting as one of the club’s primary focuses.

Arizona is a concealed carry state without a permit. So, you should ensure that you understand the legal status of carrying a weapon within state lines.

More information on this group can be found here.


Are You a Woman Looking to Become a Concealed Carry Permit Holder?

While women’s gun groups are very useful, especially those in your area, you might want to think about how to carry a weapon while not with the group. Training in how to be a responsible citizen and carry a concealed weapon safely is very important. So, we recommend you check out our classes.

Our trainers can help you understand being responsible as well as how you can be passionate about firearms while also being safe. We provide concealed carry certificates for those who might need them, as well as links to several industry groups. You only need to sign up today to get started with your next step in firearm training.

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