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Certificate of Competency

Concealed Coalition has developed its exclusive online instructional training course, in conjunction with our live fire training, with a specific focus of exceeding the minimum educational standards required to obtain a Florida resident concealed carry permit. Our Certification of Competency which is proven by the Certificate of Competency, is available for each student to download after completing our online course and passing the test. The certification comes with a state issued ID number printed on the document alongside the signature of our state certified instructor. The Concealed Coalition training course Certificate of Competency with proof of range training is all you need to meet the State of Florida educational requirement for your concealed carry application.

Instructor’s Credentials

The Concealed Coalition curriculum taught by our instructors is used by residents in all 50 states to start the process of obtaining the concealed carry permit in their state. Our instructors have completed certification classes at both a public and private training level. Holding National Rifle Association and/or Florida State instructor certifications, our instructors far surpass many of the of the instructors for both online and on location firearm training. Each Concealed Coalition Certificate of Competency comes signed and stamped with the State of Florida instructor ID, which authenticates our instructors valid credentials, required to fulfill the concealed carry permit educational requirements. Should you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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Concealed Coalition is committed to supporting firearm owners across the great United States. We pride ourselves in offering the top professional HD online safety training anywhere on the web. Our certified alumni are among the smartest and most qualified citizens eligible to apply for their concealed carry permit. If you would like to reach out to speak with us, we are here to answer your call. Our 100% US based agents are available during regular business hours.

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