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Pennsylvania Next Steps

NOW, these are your next steps! If you need help along the way, reach out to us at (610) 901-4268.


Apply in Person

To apply, you will need go to the sheriff’s office in your county or chief of police and bring the following:

– Your completed application (keep in mind this requires two references who are not family)

– Driver’s license or State ID

– Payment of the $20 fee. (Form of payment may vary by county and office. We suggest calling ahead to your office to confirm)

Sign the application with a witness at the station.

When you apply, your picture will be taken for your permit.


Check Your Mail

You will be notified by mail within 45 days if you have been approved or denied for your Pennsylvania concealed carry permit.

Remember that you must meet federal requirements to carry and possess a firearm. State and federal requirements may differ, and if you break federal law, you could be prosecuted in federal court.

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