The Protector’s Playbook for De-Escalation and Skillful Verbal Commands


Introducing “The Protector’s Playbook for De-Escalation and Verbal Commands” by Austin Davis, the National Training Director for Concealed Coalition. As a trusted authority in the field, Austin’s insights are grounded in real-world scenarios and backed by his professional training and 30 years’ worth of experience teaching law enforcement, corporations, and people like you how to prevent, manage, and recover from crime. His passion for educating others shines through in his clear and concise writing style, making complex concepts accessible to readers of all backgrounds.

This paperback book, as part of a larger series, condenses Austin’s vast knowledge and expertise into 76 pages of invaluable advice, strategies, and practical tips for preventing, managing, and recovering from crime, starting with de-escalation and the use of verbal commands.


  • Self Control or “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself”
  • Controlling Your Own Arousal in A Crisis
  • Three Specific Tools to Help You Stay in Control in Crisis and in Life
  • De-Escalation (DE)
  • Three Types of Violence
  • The Practical Five-Step Stairway Model to De-Escalation (DE)
  • Value of T E B
  • Pre-Attack Indicators
  • Specific Verbal Tools
  • Power of Apology
  • Pepper Spray as a De-Escalation (DE) Tool
  • De-Escalation by Verbal Commands
  • De-Escalation at Gunpoint or with Gunfire
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