What’s a Personal Firearms Record Form and Why Do I Need It?

Personal Firearms Record Form Cover

Have you, a family member, or a close friend ever had one or more guns stolen?

Gun theft is both heartbreaking and a very common crime since guns get stolen pretty much every minute of every day in America from homes, vehicles, work, or any place a criminal can get unsecured access to them. This theft is painful enough when it’s just the cost of the gun that’s lost, but it really hurts when one or more stolen firearms are treasures passed down from a loved one that are now taken from you.

If any – or all – of your firearms are ever stolen, you want the best chance possible to get them back and reduce any harm the stolen firearms might present.

So how do I…

  • Reduce the harm of the theft? AND
  • Increase the chances that stolen property will be recovered?

The answer might be simpler than you think: information.

After a gun is stolen, you’ll need serial numbers and details about those firearms. This information is valuable for a few reasons.

  1. Without information, it is difficult to file a complete police report that would allow you, as the documented owner, to have at least some chance of getting your firearm back.
  2. If that stolen gun is used in a crime, it can come back to you as the owner, causing you to now be involved in the crime as well.
  3. If you would like to file an insurance claim, you will need serial numbers and descriptions of the stolen weapons.
  4. If a police officer stops that thief some day and runs those numbers, an undocumented firearm will come back clean, meaning both the thief and your former gun are free to go.

We want to help.

Gun ownership is our right but education, training and secure storage is our responsibility. Part of secure storage is retaining the information on all our firearms. Beyond our goals of education and training, we at Concealed Coalition also want to help you with this ownership risk management issue.

This form, found on our website, can be printed, filled out, and stored in your files so that all your information is in one place.  Document every detail on each gun so that it is identifiable. Taking pictures of your firearms is also helpful, especially if you have any rare guns or distinctively modified firearms. And of course, keep your records in a safe place apart from your firearm storage.

*As a note, using similar record-keeping tactics with any ATF Class 3 items you own (ie. silencers, short barrel rifles and shotguns, select machine guns, etc.) would be beneficial as well.

Personal Firearms Record Form
By using this Personal Firearms Record Form, you can better keep track of your firearms in the event that one or more of them is ever stolen.

Take it from our National Training Director and resident 30-year law enforcement veteran, Austin Davis:

As a police officer, it is personally frustrating when good people are victims of gun theft and can’t provide the basic information law enforcement needs to try to make it right and reduce harm.

-Austin Davis

So please take a few minutes to print out and fill out the form. While you’re at it, print out some extras and pass the form and the reason for it to your friends and family. Because at Concealed Coalition, we want to be guardians always and warriors when needed.

The Personal Firearms Record Form is just one of many resources available to our Concealed Coalition University members. To get access to additional benefits, including a library of defensive living courses covering topics like home and family safety, deescalation, and pepper spray, join today!

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