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Armed and Less Dangerous

As video clips of a recent shooting at a back to school event in Titusville, Florida called “Peace in the City” surfaced, Americans cringed in horror yet again. In the midst of this tragic event, an unidentified citizen rose to the occasion and took down a coward whose intent was

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Are 3D Guns a Conceal Carry Option?

Recently U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik in Seattle put a stop to 3D gun blueprints being available online.  The topic of 3D guns has been a hot-button issue.  From the president’s tweets to politicians using ridiculous names for the firearms. While judges, politicians, and citizens fight out the legal status

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How Many Rounds Are Needed for Effective Concealed Carry?

How many rounds is enough for your concealed-carry weapon? Like holster position, cartridge size, and when you carry, this is a deeply personal choice that you need to consider thoroughly. While the final decision is up to you, there are some universal factors that you should consider… Size of Cartridge

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Purse with handgun and other accessories

Is Off-Body Carry a Smart Choice?

Off-body carry is a hotly-debated topic among concealed-carry proponents. Generally used (or at least recommended for) women with purses, it can also be used by men carrying briefcases or messenger bags. But, as you’ll see, there are many issues surrounding the practice of off-body carry. Advantages of Off-Body Carry Concealment

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Ankles of man walking down steps

Pros and Cons of an Ankle Holster

In most cases, waistband carry is the logical choice for a concealed weapon. However, some people, due to body shape or work-dress requirements, cannot carry a concealed handgun at the waist. One of the alternatives to waistband carry is an ankle holster. This type of carry has advantages and drawbacks,

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Traditional Archery in Survival

    We have been firing projectiles at potential food sources for a long time!  It all started with the atlatl which was a device used to add more leverage to throwing a spear. In a sense you could say it all started with the spear but the atlatl brought

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