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Black History Month pioneers in defensive living

Black History Month: Honoring Pioneers in Defensive Living

February is Black History Month, a time set apart to honor and recognize the many incredible contributions of Black Americans who paved the way for a better today. In the firearms space, many notable historic Black Americans stand out: Harriet Tubman, abolitionist and political activist who was known as the

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Women Warriors: 10 Best Female Concealed Carry Options

If you’re considering owning a gun or are a current gun owner, you’re in good company. About 40% of American adults either live with someone who does or owns a gun themselves. When you’re ready to upgrade or pick out your first concealed carry, it can feel overwhelming looking through the various options.

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The Best Women's Gun Groups

9 Women’s Gun Groups: Sparking Fire in 2022

With almost half of firearm owners in the USA women, it is no surprise at all that women’s gun groups are on the rise. But why has this happened, and in what way are some of the female gun owners out there organizing? Below, we provide resources to find groups of women who

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Tinnitus and hearing loss related to firearms

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Related to Firearms

Hearing is one of your five basic senses. You may not think about it much, but hearing is actually a complex process.  First, sound waves enter your ear and travel down the ear canal to your eardrum. Then the eardrum vibrates several small bones in your ear, and these vibrations

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A Girl and A Gun: Women’s Gun Groups by City and State

Are you part of the 22% of females in the United States who proudly own a gun and believe in protecting yourself and your family? If that’s the case, then you might be interested in joining up a local chapter of women’s gun groups for A Girl and A Gun. 

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