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Victim of human trafficking

Human Trafficking: What It Is and How to Spot It

For weeks we’ve waited for updates on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial regarding her involvement in one of the most notorious sex trafficking cases in the United States. Jeffrey Epstein brought to light an issue that has lived within the shadows for far too long. However, sex trafficking is not always

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Benefits of Exercise on Concealed Carry

The Benefits of Exercise on Concealed Carry

Exercise can have a very positive impact on our lives: it improves our physical strength, dexterity, agility, and reaction times, which are integral for a lifestyle centered around defensive living. Physical fitness also develops confidence, discipline, and a stronger mindset. So, the right kind of exercise can have a very

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New Year's Resolutions for defensive living

New Year’s Resolutions for Defensive Living

The new year brings a lot of possibilities with it. It’s your opportunity to not only reflect upon the last 12 months, but to create goals and set intentions for the year ahead. When it comes to crafting New Year’s resolutions for the coming year, self-defense and defensive living don’t

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Constitutional carry blog cover

Common Questions About Constitutional Carry

What is constitutional carry? Constitutional carry is the carrying of a handgun, either openly or concealed, without some form of license or permit. In some states this is also known as “permitless carry.” Constitutional or permitless carry reflects the view that the Second Amendment does not allow for restrictions on

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Trigger Discipline Cover Photo

Trigger Discipline

If you are in a self-defense situation, or perhaps trying to shoot targets quickly at the range, traditional logic might suggest that you should have your finger on the trigger so that you can make quick shots when you need to. This is also what we see in most movies,

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Ghost gun cover

What is a Ghost Gun?

You’ve probably heard the term “ghost gun” uttered on the nightly news or among chatter at least once in your life, so what are they? To put it simply, a ghost gun is an unserialized and untraceable firearm. These guns are mostly developed from “ghost gun kits,” which are usually

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