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Protecting Your Family in a Home Invasion

Protecting Your Family During A Home Invasion

It’s after midnight. You hear glass breaking at the other end of the house and your front door opens – its a home invasion. You jump out of bed and grab your concealed. Staying in your safe room is what you have practiced but in walks your daughter from the

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Non-Lethal Options for Self Defense

Non-Lethal Options for Self Defense

A pistol for self defense is a great option for many but in many places you will need a permit to carry one. Carrying concealed will likely mean more training and at the same time there are very strict rules of engagement when pulling a firearm. The burden of proof

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self defense or lethal force

Self Defense or Lethal Force?

Gun owners know the general rule of thumb for self defense: only use lethal force when necessary. The problem with self defense cases are the gray areas in the law between self defense and lethal force. Depending on many factors, a self defense case that seems straight forward at first

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What is Situational Awareness and Why Is It Important?

Situational Awareness and Why It Is Important

Today people are walking through town, looking down at their phones, oblivious to the world around them. This makes a perfect target for an attacker. Situational awareness is something attackers do not like to see – people walking with their heads up aware of the world around them. Those people

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Things to Consider for Your first gun

Things to Consider for Your First Gun

When looking for your first gun, it is a very personal choice. You should do your research and even ask an experienced firearm expert for assistance. They should recommend many different guns before you make that choice. Here are a few things to consider for your first gun: 12-gauge Firearms

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second amendment cases

Second Amendment Cases: Effects on Gun Rights

The Second Amendment is receiving little attention in the Supreme Court in recent years. As gun owners, we think that the constitutionality of gun ownership comes to a simple question: “Are we allowed to own guns or not?”. This question instead enlists a slew of legal arguments that can affect

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