Dry Fire Training: Does It Help A Concealed Carrier?

Dry Fire Training; dry firing

We don’t go out looking for trouble but at the same time we want to be able to handle trouble if it comes along. Today, ammo is in shortage depending on what part of the country you live and what type of ammo you use. You may find that the ammo you can locate is more expensive than normal. This situation makes it more difficult to go squeeze off a couple hundred rounds at the range. This is where dry fire training comes in.

Dry fire training allows you to practice with your own gun without going through any ammo at all.  There are several laser dry fire ammo companies out there. Laserlyte and G-sight are two popular ones that get consistently good reviews. They both come with an app that allows you to track your shots. As you squeeze the trigger, it shoots a laser beam at your intended target. This means you can practice with your own gun in your own home.  

Dry fire training allows you to put yourself safely in a situation where you practice defending yourself and stopping a threat.  Most experts recommend at least a 2:1 ratio of dry fire to live round training. Some go as high as 80/20. No matter how much dry fire training you do, there is no doubt it will improve you as a shooter.

Practice does not make perfect.  Perfect practice does. Dry fire training in an unrushed, non-judgmental atmosphere can allow you to slow down and get your mechanics right. Get the right grip on the run. Practice squeezing the trigger. Learn where your trigger break is. Overall, it helps you stay and get more comfortable with your weapon. 

The laser training systems that are out there also allow you to go back and review your shots. There are paid versions and free versions on most of the apps. The paid versions may allow you to track more of your shots or to save more of your progress, but he free versions will be good enough for a starting place.

There are also a variety of other training tools such as “workouts” that will have you and your gun in a situation you may normally find yourself. For instance, once you have the basics down, you may practice drawing your gun from the place you keep it while you are sleeping, aiming at an imaginary intruder and pulling the trigger. 

Putting yourself in situations that may happen in real life and working through them with dry fire is a great way to not only help you feel more confident but also improve your chances of being successful in an actual self-defense situation.

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