Training in 2024: Is it on Your New Year’s Resolutions List?

2024 New Year's Resolutions Cover

Hey there Concealed Coalition! I’ve got a question for you – how are those New Year’s resolutions working out for you?

You know, every new year, we always think, “man, I’m gonna make my life better.”

We set those New Year’s resolutions: I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to get some better sleep. I’m going to eat better. I’m going to hit the gym. But how are we doing now that 2023 is over and 2024 is just beginning?

Are you actually living a better quality lifestyle?

As a part of Concealed Coalition, it’s our job to make sure our family is as safe as possible by using defensive living tactics. Whether or not defensive living is incorporated into your New Year’s Resolutions, we want to help you become safer in an increasingly dangerous world in 2024.

We plan on doing this by giving you a base education with the information you need to become safer. We’ll also provide you with some very practical, simple drills you can do to become safer in your home and workplace or while you’re traveling. 

New Year's Resolutions - Training in 2024

So please keep an eye out for this. Almost all the training will be part of our Concealed Coalition University curriculum. If you’re already a member, fantastic! If not, you can easily become a member. And trust us, you’ll want to – these are skills and drills that can take you and your family into a safer place without messing up your schedule in an all too busy life.

Remember, if the day ever arrives where you come face to face with criminal or violent activity – whatever it may be – we want to make sure you’re not overwhelmed by experiences. And to do that, we need to have recent, relevant, and realistic training.

We’ll keep uploading short video tips like this one on our blog and our YouTube channel so you can get a preview of some of the skills and drills we offer to help make you and your family safer. Until next time, remember to be a guardian always and a warrior when needed.

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