All Gun Ranges Are Not Created Equal: 3 Keys to Finding the Best One for You

In the era of heated gun control controversy, it’s more important than ever to be vigilant about practice. Gun ranges give you a place to hone your skill, practice new techniques, and learn how to operate new weapons safely. However, not all gun ranges are created equal. Here’s how to find the right gun range for you.

Choosing a Gun Range for Beginners

Every gun owner has to start somewhere. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to choose a range. Find one that has a great deal of support for individuals new to handling firearms. Look for a range where you can rent a gun if you don’t own one, and where you can take beginners classes. Some ranges will charge for shooting classes, while others like the National Shooting Sports Foundation, offers them for free. Call ahead to different ranges and ask plenty of questions about what services are available for beginners. Choose a range that makes you feel welcomed and comfortable as someone who is just starting to learn the sport.

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Choosing a Gun Range Offering Concealed Carry (CCW) Classes

If you’re interested in obtaining a concealed carry license, you’ll want to find a gun range! You will want one that offers CCW training and certification classes. Each state has different requirements for CCW permits, but there are some basic eligibility requirements that must be met. For instance, you must be at least 21 years old and must not have any felonies or misdemeanors on your record. Offenses such as DUIs or domestic battery would be considered a representation of your character and could prevent you from getting approved for getting your CCW. Call or visit different gun ranges to determine what type of support they offer individuals interested in getting a concealed carry permit. Find a range that helps inform you of what you need to do to apply for a CCW permit so they can guide you through the process.

Choosing a Gun Range That Will Challenge You

If you’re already an experienced gun owner and simply want to get better at the sport of shooting, you’ll want to select a gun range. Find a range that provides you access to a number of qualified professionals who, ideally, have more experience than you. A range that offers rentals gives you the option to try out new weapons before buying, and you may be able to work with someone who is well versed in a weapon different from your own. This allows you to expand your skills and learn new things.

Before selecting a gun range, know what your main objective is. Do you want to learn gun handling, marksmanship, or combat mindset? Some gun ranges offer all three, while others may specialize in just one or two. Be sure to choose a range that has a program that will help you meet your goals. And remember if you choose a range and don’t enjoy it, you can always select another. Above all, you want to feel comfortable, confident and supported at your ideal range.

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