Are you More of a Prepper or Survivalist

Listen, while I am not a big fan of labels they can be very helpful when it comes to research and goal setting. Without labels what would you plug into google? Still, there is a deep pit that sits in my stomach every time I am labeled as one thing or I see others boxed into a category that defines them. We are all too complicated for that.

That said, I want to discuss a question that might be in the back of your head, or maybe a distinction.

Prepper or Survivalist?

Which are you?

I bring this up because there are some differences that warrant discussion. Its not an interchangeable term and most importantly, this may help you find more of the information you are looking for.

In my experience, survivalists are more militant. They are people who like things to be tough and they wanna suffer a little. The survivalist wants to get by with their bushcraft skills and their survival knife. Survivalists rarely discuss the idea of a group or community. There is a big lone wolf air when it comes to survivalists. They also tend to expect confrontation and seem the most prepared for that.

Preppers, on the other hand are going out of their way to maintain the comforts of normal life. For preppers its about storing food and other comfort items. They will bugout, if need be, but want to move from one home to another at their BOL or bugout location. Preppers also seem to be on a path that takes them beyond just prepping for disaster. Prepping seems to bring about changes in health, awareness, fitness and even spirituality. Prepping seems to be but one chapter of a much longer story while survivalism seems to a field guide.

The important thing for you is to find out what fits you best. Are you into that tactical lone wolf approach or do you want to maintain life as you know it through purchasing preps, land and shelters? You will better be able to seek out the information you are looking for once you make that decision.

Do you want to know a secret?

The answer for me, the author: It depends on the day! 

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