Legally Buy a Gun in Alabama: Your Complete Guide

buy a gun in Alabama

Purchasing a firearm is a popular choice for those wanting to protect their home and family. State laws make it simple to buy a gun in Alabama because no permit or license is required to complete the transaction. 

You might request an Alabama Pistol Permit, though, because it allows you to carry a concealed weapon to most locations in the state. Alabama is a shall-issue state, so authorities are required to issue you a concealed carry license as long as nothing on your record prohibits you from having one. 

It’s best to learn how the gun-buying process works so you can avoid disappointment at the gun shop. This guide will walk you through the steps you’ll have to follow when buying a gun in Alabama

Getting an Alabama Pistol Permit

There’s a process for obtaining your Alabama Pistol Permit, which grants the state’s permission to carry a concealed firearm. You must apply for the permit through the sheriff’s office in your home county and handle the entire application through the mail or online. Here’s how it works:

Obtain Your Application 

The first step when acquiring your Alabama Pistol Permit is locating an application. Some counties will require you to print the documents at home and mail them in, while others will allow you to apply online. 

Fill It Out 

You can fill out a paper or online application, depending on your county of residence. The application will ask for basic information, including your address, criminal history, ethnicity, and birthplace. You’ll have to pay a fee when you submit the documents, and the amount varies by county. 

Submit the Documents 

You don’t have to visit your local sheriff’s office to complete the process because you can mail the paperwork in or submit it online. Every county sheriff’s office has different protocols, though, so make sure you’re aware of how things work in your area before you begin. 

Wait for Approval 

You’ll receive your permit in the mail once the authorities approve your documents, a process that can take up to 30 days. The sheriff will conduct a thorough background check using a national database before issuing your license. This background check searches your criminal history and ensures you don’t have substance abuse or mental health issues before awarding your Pistol Permit.

Your Alabama Pistol Permit will take some effort to obtain, but it ensures you can make the most of your right to carry a firearm in the state. You’ll also have to pay a fee, although the county sheriff’s office sets the exact amount. 

7 Steps to Buying a Gun in Alabama

Alabama’s gun laws are some of the most relaxed in the country, as no permit or license is required to make a purchase. You’ll have to follow the necessary steps to ensure you don’t run into challenges as you secure your firearm. Here’s what you have to do:

1. Locate a Licensed Dealer 

Most cities in Alabama have multiple licensed gun dealers, so look around to see what you can find in your area. You can then visit the dealer to begin the buying process because you don’t need a license or permit to buy a gun in Alabama. It’s also possible to make the purchase privately, although you should be aware that you’re likely buying a used gun, which could involve risks. 

2. Choose a Firearm 

The next step is selecting a firearm that meets your requirements. You can speak with staff at the licensed gun shop for more information on the type of gun that works best for your situation. Some dealers will even let you try the weapon out before finalizing the sale. 

3. Pass a Background Check 

All gun purchases through a federally licensed firearm dealer involve a background check. This check goes through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). This system looks into your history in terms of criminal issues, mental health, and substance abuse to ensure you meet all the requirements. You’ll have to pass another state-issued background check if you apply for a concealed carry permit in the future. 

4. Complete the Purchase 

Nothing else is required to purchase your new gun once you pass the background check. Licensed firearm dealers usually accept cash, check, and credit cards as a form of payment. You’ll probably have to pay with cash if you’re buying a gun in Alabama privately. 

5. Transport the Weapon Home 

You can carry your firearm on your body while driving in your vehicle if you have your Alabama Pistol Permit. Anyone without this permit must lock their unloaded handguns in a container or compartment out of reach of the driver and passengers. 

6. Apply for Your Pistol Permit 

An Alabama Pistol Permit is required to carry a concealed firearm in the state. Open carry is permitted without a license, though, if you are at least 18 years old and allowed to own a gun in Alabama legally. 

concealed carry training in alabama

7. Get Some Concealed Carry Training 

There’s no legal responsibility to take a concealed carry course in Alabama. This education is highly recommended, though, because it provides the skills and knowledge you need to keep your home and family safe. Looking for a reputable trainer is a great way to become a responsible gun owner. 

You can complete the entire gun-buying process in Alabama in a single day because the background check generally takes only a few minutes. The result is a highly efficient protocol for purchasing firearms in the state. 

Get Your Firearm Education

Just because you can carry a concealed gun in Alabama without any training doesn’t mean you should. Going ahead with a concealed carry course provides the skills and knowledge you need to take your firearm with you wherever you travel. 

Concealed Coalition offers the state-endorsed training and education necessary for you to become a truly responsible gun owner. More than a million people have taken our courses, and the results speak for themselves. Contact Concealed Coalition today to go over your gun education needs. 

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