Carrying Concealed In Your Vehicle

Tips For Carrying Concealed In Your Vehicle

It is important to check your state laws or the laws of any state when you are carrying concealed in your vehicle. Be aware that different states may have different requirements.  You will also want to pay attention to how you are carrying a weapon in your vehicle. Are you open carrying or conceal carrying? It is your responsibility to know and understand all of these laws. Here are some other tips for carrying concealed in your vehicle:

Concealed Carry Training

Training ourselves on drawing and aiming while going through various scenarios in our own homes is something we should think about and practice. That same attention should be taken into consideration for carrying concealed in your vehicle. Drawing a weapon while standing is one thing but seated is another thing. When moving to unclip a seatbelt, concealed carriers recommend to move the left hand under the belt across the chest, rather than going around it. This will lessen the chances of getting caught in the seatbelt and assist in drawing your weapon. Practicing this and drawing your weapon can be valuable should you ever find yourself in a position when you need to respond quickly.

Exiting your vehicle

For the most part, you are better off to stay in your vehicle if at all possible.  However, there may be a situation where you must exit your vehicle as an escape route.  Experts recommend using the door of your vehicle as a shield of sorts. Move toward the back of the vehicle, or the side opposite of the attacker, to put as much space as possible between the two of you. Experts add that you and you should also use the entire vehicle as cover.

Be sure that you have exhausted all other available options before using deadly force.  Remember the burden of proof will be on you to show that you had no other choice and were in imminent danger.

Storage options for your vehicle

A minivan does not have a trunk. Your pickup truck may not have a place outside of the cab in which you can place your firearm.  There are other options for carrying concealed in your vehicle that may keep you out of trouble though depending on where you are traveling.  Consider a steel lock box bolted to a seat frame as a place to secure your firearm.  If a pickup truck has an enclosed bed, a lock box there could create compliance with a law in a particular state too.

Knowing the laws and the rules of engagement in the state you live or the ones you will be traveling to can go a long way toward carrying concealed in your vehicle. Practicing with dry-fire training in your vehicle or in a safe location will help you become more confident that you can take care of yourself in a situation should one arise.

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