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When it comes to home defense, YOU have the home field advantage over bad actors (but only if you train to have it!). The reason for this is simple: you are more familiar with your home than someone who might be attempting to breach your residence.

However, while you may know your home pretty well, you might not be familiar with the angles and areas of both domination and vulnerability. This knowledge is what will make all the difference in a crisis. Think about it – you know the places you eat, work, bathe, sleep, and relax in. Given a little preparation, you’ll gain valuable extra seconds to capitalize on when engaging a defensive strategy.

Practicing Good Home Defense

Training for home defense may seem expensive or complicated. In reality, you can actually figure out all these good and bad angles by “dry-firing” your home using a blue gun or finger pistol. With this training you’re only working angles, so there’s no need to risk incorporating a real firearm. It may also help to have a partner who trades off with you so you can both understand the dynamic of maneuvering throughout your house.

Take a hallway for example: If you have to confront someone, it’s common to want to square up in the middle of the hallway. But if you do this, you’re fully exposed. Instead, move a few feet to the side against a wall. This move will change the whole dynamic by allowing you some cover in a very narrow space.

Another example for you: Think about stairwells in your home (if you have any). If you must go down a stairwell in a defensive situation, that can be tactically tough. If you’re positioned at the top of the stairwell though, it can be a huge advantage for you over anyone trying to advance up the stairs to attack.

Finally, consider the “critical points” in your residence. These will be the most common areas of entrance and exit on your property. When you evaluate your home for defensive purposes, it’s important to think where the most likely breach could come from. In many cases, this is the front, back, and side doors. Identifying these areas will allow you to pinpoint where there is increased risk but also increased security.

Remember – it’s your house. There should be a home team advantage! To make sure you retain that advantage, join the Coalition today!

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