Austin Davis Talks Training on Chicago’s Morning Answer

Austin on Chicago's Morning Answer

August 3, 2022 – This morning, National Training Director Austin Davis joined hosts Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson on Chicago’s Morning Answer to discuss the importance of training before carrying and the challenges facing law enforcement.

Proft and Jacobson opened the discussion by talking about public safety in Chicago. In recent years, it seems the Chicago area has been notorious for safety issues. According to an April report by the Chicago Sun Times, homicides in the first quarter of 2022 were down 7% from 2021. However, rates for other crimes, such as carjacking, burglary, battery, and sexual assault, were all higher in the same time period.

These crime statistics have understandably left the people of Chicago worried about their safety. The recent Bruen decision by the Supreme Court affirming the Second Amendment right to carrying a firearm outside the home has prompted a renewed interest in firearms training and concealed carry permits by those who want to be prepared for a dangerous situation.

But for anyone not familiar with guns, it is important to train to become familiar not only with guns, but also with de-escalation and other non-lethal methods of self-defense. In the interview, Austin emphasized that a gun is just a small part of the larger picture of self-defense, which includes identifying anomalies in a situation, reacting with appropriate force, and dealing with the aftermath of a defensive use-of-force incident.

The trio then switched topics, moving on to a conversation about the struggles facing law enforcement across the country. As a law enforcement veteran himself, Austin was able to elaborate on challenges like the lack of manpower and equipment, the effort to strengthen public trust, and new laws that restrict the ability of police officers to effectively curb crime.

There’s no denying that training is a vital part of ensuring you can protect yourself or your family in times of crisis. Whether you’re in Chicago, Las Vegas, or anywhere in between, take your training to the next level by finding a Concealed Coalition class near you today.

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