Choosing Concealed-Carry Clothing

An important part of carrying a concealed weapon is choosing the right clothing. With a little thought and preparation, you can choose items that look good, keep you comfortable, and conceal your personal-protection weapon in a safe and responsible manner.

Patterns Often Conceal Better

When choosing shirts, look for garments with patterns and various colors, not solid colors. Patterns generally fool the human eye better than a solid color, and they are much better for hiding the outline or shape of a handgun. The busy nature of patterns, including flannel-style patterns or stripes, can often hide a gun better than a solid-colored shirt.

Thicker Fabrics are Ideal

The thicker and heavier the fabric, the better it will conceal your handgun. You may not want to add weight to wardrobe, but wearing heavier fabrics is a great way to keep your firearm hidden. Light fabrics like polyester, which is used in many polo and golf shirts, are more likely to create a visible profile of your handgun, but thicker cotton or linen can keep it safely hidden. You may also consider ironing or starching your clothing to keep them from forming to your weapon.

Hawaiian Shirts: A Warm Weather Options for Concealed Carry

In the summer, you probably don’t want to wear thicker garments. One strategy to avoid heavy clothing is a tucked-in tee-shirt and a handgun carried in an inside-the-waistband holster, then draping a loose, comfortable, cool Hawaiian shirt over your upper body to keep everything concealed. This is a great way to carry your pistol in a safe manner while staying concealed, comfortable, and cool.

Avoid Tactical Dress

The point of concealed-carry is to hide the fact that you are carrying a weapon. While tactical clothing seems like a great option, nothing says “danger” quite like tactical or military garments. Yes, they can hide your weapon, but it’s best to find other options when you are carrying your personal-protection firearm.

By choosing the right clothing, you can stay comfortable and still be a responsible ambassador for concealed-carry rights.

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