Choosing the Right Backpacks

Choosing the Right Packs

When you visit a site and you are on the hunt for some tactical gear or a pack in particular, you are probably stymied at the many choices that you have. Am I right? While the section on the site will say bags and packs there may be 30 options of all shapes and sizes. They might also have tons of names that you don’t understand.

Let’s do a quick primer on bags and packs. There are some distinct categories that I think are worth explaining.

Day Pack

TI call them day packs, but they are primarily small hydration packs that have a few pockets. I really like these small bags for trips to the beach and small day trips like that. They differ from EDC packs in that these will not carry most things. Think of a day pack as a way to enhance a basic EDC with other things that might be fore family or for preparedness.

EDC Work Pack

Vertx is probably doing this best right now. The EDC work pack is designed to carry a laptop, and some are even designed to charge one! These packs are for the person who wants to expand their daily EDC to include work that comes home and preparedness gear as well. These are very efficient.

Bugout Bag or Get Home Bag

While the contents of these bags differ, I think you are looking for a pretty big bag that can handle a load and perform under stress. These are the more tactical looking bags that really don’t come out every day. I am a major fan of 3vgear and what they do in this space in regard to price and quality.

That said, a big comfy bag that holds all your gear will get the job done.


Larger hiking bags like those created by Teton could also be used for the bugout. These have internal frames and are designed to aid in carrying a heavy load. You would not carry your laptop in your hiking bag to work each day. These are designed to carry everything.

Choosing the right bag can be a big deal so I hope this little primer will help you out in a certain direction.

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