Is Your Handgun Safety Training “5-Star”?

5 star concealed carry training

Sometimes training is approached like a means to an end. “Check the box” training programs are a dime a dozen but where are the quality training programs? A 5-Star program should leave a firearm novice feeling confident about handling a gun in a relatively short period of time.

The National Rifle Association has a through training program offered by NRA certified trainers; but many experts believe the basic safety training offered in these programs is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes learning how to properly handle a firearm. Each state also certifies firearm instructors which teach state approved curriculum to students wishing to obtain permits from that state. What’s the best training available for someone who wants to become an expert in handling a firearm? Continual training is always the best training.

There are many programs to choose from from one end of the spectrum to the other. Local trainers can be found by visiting the list of state certified trainers in your state. Online training programs can be found simply by searching Google for “firearm training classes”. In either case, don’t stop with the basics. Always stay informed on new laws, techniques, equipment, and safety protocol when handling a firearm by either joining an online continued firearm training site where new classes are offered each month. If you prefer local hands on instruction, join a local gun range and sign up for one class each month to continually increase your knowledge.

Continual 5-Star firearm training can definitely help you navigate through a number of bad situations. If you find yourself in a bind and have to use your firearm in self-defence of yourself or others proof that you took proper instruction serious can go a long way in a courtroom. Next time you ask yourself if you really need another firearm training class or another trip to the range, think about the responsibility you hold in your hand when you carry a firearm.

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