Create your Own In-Car Trauma Kit

Maybe you have thought about outfitting your home for disaster. This is great. If more people would consider their homes to be safe havens that are prepared for disaster, the nation would react much better to things like hurricanes.

The home can be outfitted with a number of preps to assure you are prepared to react in disaster or accidents. One of the biggest things to have in your home is a quality first aid kit. Don’t just stop with a box full of bandages and medicines. Include plenty of rolled gauze and a tourniquet.

What most Americans rarely consider is having a trauma kit in their vehicle. In fact, most Americans carry very little that would help them out of a bind in their car. We spend so much time away from our homes and we need to have an answer for disaster on the road.

Even for the shooter or the outdoorsman, a trauma kit in the car is an essential. Now, you can buy trauma kits from many different suppliers. There are people making high quality trauma kits that can be concealed on your person like the one by Valkyrie Combat, it affixes to your ankle!

Of course, you can always make your own.

There are benefits to buying and benefits to making your own. You can completely customize your own trauma kit to include all the things you want it to. Still, if you purchase a kit from a reputable supplier you can feel safe that the products therein are of the highest quality.


·         Pressure Dressing

·         Elastic Bandage

·         Z-Fold Dressing

·         Nitrile Gloves

·         QuikClot Combat Gauze LE

·         HALO Chest Seal (1 Standard, 1 Vented)

·         Decompression Needle

·         Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA) Adj. 28fr

·         Tourniquet

·         Scissors

·         Trauma Treatment and Instruction

As for the bag itself, there are many types of pouches that can hold these items. I prefer something that carries well and hooks onto my molle webbing of multiple bags. This means I can take it with me. Look for a quality pouch that meets your needs and fits your system.

A trauma kit in the car is a very important part of being prepared for disaster.

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