Florida Concealed-Carry Laws

While Florida may not be at the top of the list, the Sunshine State is often considered one of the best states for gun owners, ranking #12 in 2017 according to Guns & Ammo magazine. It earned this higher-than-average ranking thanks to stand-your-ground laws and expansive concealed-carry rights.

From a purchasing and carrying perspective, Florida has many of the most desired laws for gun-rights advocates. According to the NRA’s comprehensive gun-laws database, Florida does not require a permit to purchase shotguns, rifles, or handguns, and there is no required registration of these firearms. There is also no licensing of owners, and only concealed-carry users will need a permit. (Open carry is not allowed, however.) Florida also has a castle doctrine, which gives greater freedom to people who wish to protect their home and their families. To the benefits of many pro-firearms advocates, Florida is a shall-issue state, so anyone wishing to obtain a permit can do so as long as they meet standards set by the state; they do not need to demonstrate a need that will be approved or denied by an issuer.

Florida’s concealed-carry permits are also recognized by numerous states across the country, including virtually all of the southeast, plains, and mountain states.This includes all the gulf states, and the east coast all the way through Virginia

In Florida, is is illegal to open carry unless you meet very narrow exceptions. Concealed-carry permits, however, can be obtained with relative ease thanks to the “shall issue” doctrine.

While Florida’s laws are certainly changing, this state has a long reputation as one of the best places for people who appreciate their right to bear arms while protecting themselves, their property, and their families. Whether it remains near the top is not as certain.

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