How to Pick the Right Gun Safe for Your Situation

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In 2020, gun sales skyrocketed to unprecedented heights as millions of Americans exercised their Second Amendment right to bear arms. As responsible gun owners it is our duty to ensure that no unauthorized person can ever gain access to our firearms, especially children. After all, gun storage and child access prevention are cornerstones of firearms safety. For many, the idea of a gun safe seems like a no-brainer; just head out to the closest Bass Pro, Cabala’s or Scheels and pick one up, right?

You’ll see when you walk into the safe section of the store, you are faced with a million different questions, for which answers vary from person to person.

Tall safe or overnight? Silent or audible? Fingerprint or code? How heavy? How small? Where will it be in my house? Do I need one for my car? What about when I travel? The possibilities are endless; meaning, you have much to consider before swiping that credit card.

The truth is, what works for me and my family, might not work for yours, and vice versa. At the end of the day you need to find what you’re most comfortable with according to your families needs, your living situation, and how often you carry. 

USA Safe & Vault offers profound insight by 26 of the industry’s top gun experts, including Concealed Coalition Lead Trainer Jody Picou.  

First things first when selecting a safe: is this an overnight safe, a car safe, or a long-term safe? 

What is the difference between an overnight safe and a long-term safe? 

An overnight safe is a safe you can easily access in the event of an intruder or emergency. These are typically smaller safes that can be stowed in the bedroom, or in a nightstand. A long-term safe  on the other hand would be a safe you might keep in the garage, in a basement, or in a study. These safes are typically the larger safes to hold multiple firearms including rifles and shotguns, and also provide a safe and secure space for all of your important documents. 

What is Your Living Situation?

If you have children in the home, owning a safe is absolutely imperative. Children have a knack for climbing onto surfaces, crawling into small spaces, and getting into things they shouldn’t. If you have a firearm, or multiple, in your home, please be sure to take extra caution and prepare for any and all scenarios. 

Secure storage can also be a legal issue, as unsecured guns that become part of a crime or accident could make you liable in court. Think about your living situation and the people in your home and you’ll understand which type of safe you should be looking to buy, or if you should buy multiple.

What is Your Environment?

If you live in a high-crime environment, with an increased chance of burglary, keeping your firearms in a large, heavy safe is essential for ensuring that no unauthorized person gains access to your firearms. For large safes, it really comes down to your preference, how much space you have, and how many firearms you plan of storing. 

On the other hand, if you live in a high-crime area, you may want a handgun at your disposal in the even of a home invasion. So what are some things to look for with an overnight safe?

“In terms of an overnight safe where you would easily access your firearm in an emergency, I would look for something that is easy to access with a silent code system. Why silent? In an intruder situation, you don’t want to give clues to your location. So while a loud safe with lights certainly looks cool, it is not the most practical. For an overnight safe I would suggest a sleek, slim design that can fit in or on a dresser, with a steel cable that can attach to something secure. This adds an extra level of security and protection, so that no one can take off with your safe and your firearm.”– Jody Picou, Concealed Coalition Lead Trainer


Are You Planning to Travel?

For those who carry concealed or choose to travel with their firearm, a travel-friendly safe is advised. Even if you plan on carrying concealed everyday; there are restricted areas, businesses, and areas in each state that prohibit you from carrying your firearm. In these situations, or traveling across state lines, a small car safe is ideal. 

“Now if you travel with your firearm and you’re looking for a gun case for your vehicle, I suggest something slim, easy to hide, and easy to secure.” – Jody Picou, Concealed Coalition Lead Trainer

Right vs Wrong

No matter what types of firearms you own, proper storage is essential; so the only wrong safe is no safe at all. The rest of the decision making process is completely subjective. What brand, size, and type of safe you ultimately choose is going to depend on your situation and what makes sense for you and your family. Inside the home and out in the world, responsible gun ownership is crucial, so be sure all your firearms are properly stored and secured when not in use. Even if you live by yourself in a low-crime area, proper storage remains an essential part of gun ownership.

Still need help?

Concealed Coalition Concealed Carry Permit Training is the perfect opportunity to connect with one of our expert trainers to discuss what may work best for you.

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