A Guide to the New Florida Gun Laws Proposed in 2021

Protecting your family should be your top priority, but it could become a lot more challenging if some Florida lawmakers get their way. The reason is that new Florida gun law proposals aim to make obtaining a firearm and ammunition more difficult and limit where you can carry your guns.

It’s worth noting that there are also some gun rights laws on the table that would add protections for law-abiding gun owners in the state. This guide will take you through some of these proposed law changes and inform you of what they could mean for Florida residents.

Proposed Gun-Rights Bills

Not all the firearms bills proposed in 2021 are negative because there are individuals in Florida‘s legislature working to protect our rights. There are some bills, mainly from the House, that could help responsible gun owners buy and hold their firearms moving forward.

House Bill 6001

Another bill from Sabatini is House Bill 6001. It’s currently illegal to carry a firearm on Florida’s college and university campuses. House Bill 6001 would change that by allowing legally licensed gun owners with a concealed firearm license to bring their weapons to their universities.

House Bill 6005

Florida’s government currently can restrict sales of firearms and ammunition during an emergency. Sabatini’s House Bill 6005 would repeal that law so the government would never have the power to limit these sales to Florida residents.

House Bill 259

House Bill 259 from Jayer Williamson and Cord Byrd would make it legal for concealed weapons permit holders to bring their firearms to church unless the church has specific rules against it. Joe Gruters’ Senate Bill 498 is a similar bill that is also on the table.

These gun laws could end up being advantageous to lawful gun owners because they attempt to prevent gun control laws from taking away our freedoms. Other proposals that are up for debate, however, would do the exact opposite and actively harm Florida’s legal-carry gun owners.

Florida Gun Laws

6 Florida State Gun Control Law Proposals

Firearms regulations are always a popular topic in Florida’s legislature, with dozens of bills being filed every year. Many of these bills look to restrict firearm sales and possession, making it more challenging for Florida residents to protect themselves.

1. Senate Bill 294

One of the bills introduced in 2021 is Senate Bill 294, which would create a law where anyone who possesses a loaded firearm that could be accessed by someone under the age of 16 must keep the gun locked in a box or secure it with a trigger lock. This bill also removes an exclusion that allows homeowners to carry the firearm on their bodies instead of locking it up around children. Florida gun owners with children would have to keep their sidearms locked up whenever the kids are home if this law comes to fruition.

2. Senate Bill 330

Another oppressive proposed law is Senate Bill 330. This bill affects the sale and delivery of firearms by making it illegal for citizens to sell guns directly to each other in a private sale. All sales would have to go through a federally licensed firearm dealer, which requires a background check.

3. Senate Bill 370

Large-capacity magazines are under attack in Florida through Senate Bill 370. This bill outlaws the sale of any magazine that can hold over 10 rounds, in addition to the sale of firearms identified as assault weapons. Possessing one of these guns could be a crime unless the owner can prove taking ownership before October 1, 2021.

4. Senate Bill 372

You might not know that 3D printers can create guns, but this won’t be possible in Florida if some lawmakers get their way with Senate Bill 372. This bill makes it illegal to produce, transfer, or possess any 3D-printed firearms made from a specific list of materials. The law also maintains that a 3D-printed gun must contain at least 4 ounces of metal to make it detectable at security checkpoints.

5. Senate Bill 560

Firearm registration has never been constitutional in Florida, but Senate Bill 560 would change that. This bill would repeal a state law banning government officials from creating a registry of privately owned firearms, opening the doors for such a registry to come into effect.

6. House Bill 25

Background checks aren’t part of Florida law, but that would change through House Bill 25. This bill would implement background checks for ammunition sales throughout the state, making it more challenging to purchase ammo. The proposal is similar to another attempt at background checks that failed in 2020.

It’s doubtful that any of these bills will pass because of the Florida legislature’s Republican majority, but the situation is worth monitoring because there are lawmakers who are actively trying to bring more gun control to Florida. Responsible gun owners should keep an eye on these potential law changes to ensure they don’t end up losing their rights in the future.

Contact a Concealed Carry Expert to Learn More About New Florida Gun Laws

Tracking Florida’s gun laws can feel overwhelming, mainly because there are so many proposals every year. One way to minimize the effect of law changes on you is by completing the necessary concealed carry training. Being a lawful gun owner with the proper certifications makes it less likely you’ll ever have the government infringe on your rights.
Concealed Coalition has trained over a million applicants through our local and online concealed training classes. Our team of trainers will ensure that you’re a trained and responsible gun owner who possesses the necessary credentials. Contact Concealed Coalition today about your concealed carry permit needs in Florida.

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