Powering Your Emergency Electronics

The further you get from home base the more insecure you become about your electronic devices and other tools that require electricity in some form or fashion. On your regular journeys through life you may find that you are a fan of tools and electronics that charge one way or another. This could be based on your lifestyle and the types of access to electricity.

I want to focus on EDC and the bugout bag today and talk about some of the most important pieces of powered equipment and the best ways to charge them. There are many things to be considered but we are going to focus on three items that I think rank high up there in terms of necessary items.

Flashlight – Illumination is a very important thing to me. It should be to you as well. I know some people might think, ‘well, my phone has a flashlight.’ You may not quite understand the importance and the capability of flashlights these days. You can get 5000 lumen light that will turn night into day!  Don’t skimp on your light.

Smart Phone –  You might be surprised but I count the smart phone as a powerful survival tool. Many people give you a ‘what if’ list when you mention the cell phone as a survival tool. In the likely chance that your phone is working you will have access to communication, GPS and all the information on the net. I will take my chances and plan to power my smart phone.

Stun Weapons – Whether we are talking about blast knuckles or more traditional stun guns the charge is important. I am a huge fan of the stun weapon because of its ability to eliminate threats and do it quietly. If you don’t keep up with charging these or powering them you will pay for it because you won’t get an optimal shock from them.

So how do you power these items?

Batteries – Batteries are brutal and I am moving away from them at any chance possible. They need to be stored and stocked. Replacements must be carried and frankly I am always on the lookout for items that don’t need batteries. I have even found optics that don’t require batteries.

Solar – Solar has arrived. Finally. There are many impressive solar chargers out there that work with various inputs. If you are outside at all there is no reason not to get into solar for your charging needs.

USB – Currently my favorite modality. I am always on the hunt for great USB chargeable electronics. Flashlights must be USB powered for me now. Do that! Don’t bother with silly batteries anymore. They charge fast and hold a charge with great efficiency.

The future is upon us. If electronics are part of your EDC or your bugout bag it’s time to consider the type and the style of charging for those items. Get away from batteries and move into USB and solar charging options. These will create an easier process for you when it comes to charging your precious items.

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